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Tags: FAIL THREAD IS FAIL, Jared Lee Loughner, Gandhi was an asshole, Snob Goblin is a muncher of sorts, WolfBird was wrong, VTV is fat and poor, Get me some waffle fo' free!, Ed is a huge floppy pussy, fat fucks, WHY IS THIS THREAD SO LONG, MAKE IT STOP, Ed has issues, 300 pages of fail!, shut up shut up shut up!!, Even SnobGoblin doesn't deserve this!, You are all internet terrorists, Enablers!, Bill is a conspiracy theorist, INTERNET HATE MACHINE, Ed vs VTV, ONLY SPOCK CAN SAVE THIS THREAD, WHY ED WHY, Now I want McDonalds, Verbal diarreha, DERAIL THIS THREAD, ...why?, fast food nyom nyom, Ed scolds Snob, 1:WORLD RECORD NUMBER OF POSTS IN A THREAD HERE, 2: WORLD RECORD NUMBER OF TAGS IN A THREAD HERE, END THE THREAD, EPIC TROLL THREAD, MATT IS SUPPLANTED, Bill pwns Ed, Bill is the trollercoaster, Bill > Matt, VTV makes a suprise appearance, Bill is VTV's ghost writer, 3:WORLD RECORD NUMBER OF TROLLS IN ONE THREAD, Bill has a PhD in Trollology, Oh hey, I herd you liek teh Mudkipz, ALL GLORY TO BILLLL, Bill trolls so hard everyone orgasms in unison, BOWLS OF SEVERED DICKS, hitler had some good ideas, ALL HAIL THE NEW TROLL KING BILL, Nominate, Matt loves McDonalds while Ed hates it, Ed does not know how to shut the hell up [ Add Tags ]

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