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Author: Clock (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 06, 2013 at 19:09

By Clock (with contributions by member The Burger King)


Agent Matt
also known as Robert Dobbs

Current Status: No longer active on main site, but still active on Skeptic Project Facebook under Robert Dobbs

Basic Info: He was never really a 'debunker' per say, but he was a skeptic, and was probably one of the only members on this website that would not shy away from telling a CT believer what he really thinks of him, and despite the fact that he would insult most of these CTers, he would back most of his claims with evidence, as any good skeptic would. A re-known practical joker. He is the perfect representation of the Skeptic Project 'About' page: The community's lax rules, yet ironically high standards for reviewed content, has helped it stand out in the broader skeptic and debunking communities, but also of course made it quite despised in conspiracy communities.
Note: He is even despised by some in the skeptic community, See the forum posts Character Profile: Ed and Brian Dunning banned sp member Agent Matt for questioning him about his requests for donations.
He's an administrator of the Skeptic Project Facebook group.

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I actually have no clue how the hell Matt got 70 points... but it must be:


Edit 1:

Quote from The Burger King
People get votes by points. Matt hasn't written any debunks but there are a few friends that stand out that he contributed various insults in that are note worthy. For instance when VTV came onto SP Agent Matt do some serious LULZ there.

Thanks for the info, King.