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MuertosPosted: Aug 19, 2011 - 17:33

Paid Disinformation Blogger

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So, they started a topic at the ZM forum about my blog (thanks Matt for bringing it to my attention).

Just to address some of the points there, and about TZM's response in general to this incident, I added an update to my original blog. Scroll to the bottom for the update:
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Wolf BirdPosted: Aug 19, 2011 - 17:43

I shoot you dead.

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Spot on Muertos, as usual.

EDIT: I only just now noticed you used the screenshot of the comment on Kush's blog from my imageshack in your post. I feel honored!
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Vasper85Posted: Aug 19, 2011 - 21:23

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You know Ron, when I officially joined the movement last year I had thought you were a pretty smart dude. But a pretty smart dude would've known that discussing acts of terror even as an "individual" and as an "intellectual" exercise on a PUBLIC forum AND to do so in a post 9/11 environment would be the opposite of smart.

In fact it is pretty stupid.

You know I am right.
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