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Wolf BirdPosted: Mar 29, 2011 - 17:00

I shoot you dead.

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Holy crap. I went out into the hallway of the place I work at to make a phone call. It's in a building with a lot of other offices, and I saw a bulletin board. Here's a list of the incredible amount of (mostly health) woo advertised on it:

-an ad for tarot and astrology classes (calm your spirit and engage in divination for your friends and family! This costs $65, and if you don’t have your own tarot cards, buy those from us too!)
-TWO different ad fliers for the same naturopath. Sessions with him cost $40-$70 on a sliding scale.
-one lady with four different ad fliers for the following services: mind-body-spirit balance, detoxing (from chemicals, pesticides, and medicine -this workshop is a whopping $65 per session), 'energy counseling' (huh?), and raw food workshops (advertising that cooked food is poison)
-a chiropractor advertising her ‘quantum healing’ workshop ($40 per session)
-another ad for a different detoxification program, this one highlighting the dreaded mucoid plaque ($50 per workshop)
-three different acupuncture clinics ($45 and $50)
-two different ads for homeopaths
-two different 'healing arts' centers, usually offering herbs, chiropractic, ear candling, acupuncture (Chinese and Japanese!), massage, reiki, therapeutic touch and the like
-two different massage therapists, touting that massage will ‘stimulate your natural process without pharmaceutical intervention.’ One of them is offering a $50 introductory session. Makes me wonder how much a non-introductory session is.
-several Chinese herbalists (we’re faithful to what the ancient Chinese believed!)
-an ad for 'learning how to tap into your inert spiritual energy' (lolwut? $50 per workshop)
-three different general holistic health clinics (herbs, massage, etc.)
-dream interpretation and divination workshop ($45 per session)
-a chiropractor announcing strong belief that ‘everyone should have access to alternative health care’ (okay, fine, if people want to buy dumb shit, not my problem.) Underneath that proclamation, advertising chiropractic, at $40 per session.
-and probably other stuff I can't remember

Didn’t notice any ads for any drugs or the science-based medical centers in this town. Not a one.

Wow. Woo-woo. And none of these services are even based in this building. Seeing as how this bulletin board is sandwiched between the front and back doors to the Habitat office, I wish we'd tear that junk down and put up our own stuff.

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PathfinderPosted: Mar 29, 2011 - 21:54

This apple is your CT. Princess Luna represents logic.

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It's amazing those ads are still even up! Hard to tell how many gullible sheep fell for those.

Don't forget your iRenew bracelet!

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