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I am that one guy, you know. Remember?

I, assuming 'most everyone on this site is, am quite interested in conspiracies and debunking them or approving them. I am Atheist and would probably be known as a Truther to those on here, though that is not quite true from my perspective. I simply consider myself to be one who enjoys learning. I make mistakes, theories and believe the most rational things to believe.
I always enjoy looking at anything from several points of view. For example, I am Atheist and enjoy learning about people's irrational religions. I also, at least currently, believe 9/11 conspiracies, though I am here to see why people wouldn't believe in them. I may try to convince you that the government is not, at least usually, working with us. However, you all may help me see other views, and I'll respect that and welcome that information as I seek the only, hidden, Truth.
I see that humanity should not be against itself as it clearly is. Some people may deny this for whatever reason, but it is obvious that humanity shan't grow and prosper when working against itself. Therefore, no matter if it supported conspiracies or not: I support The Venus Project and will fend for Zeitgeist, though I'll admit to its mistakes. Call me anything you want, I am simply here to see how you all work and experiment with people to find my way to open their minds-- or them to open mine.

I come in peace.


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