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Forum - on Zeitgeist pt. 3: a statement that could use some sources..

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TravisPosted: Feb 18, 2010 - 22:34

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I tried to read through the FAQ and such but I'm pretty spent after watching Zeitgeist and then reading your article on it, so excuse me if I missed a step in the preferred way of doing this. Your article was excellent, but in ..

(Sorry there does not seem to be a preview option so I'm going to keep the markup simple)</p>

You state

Pretty much all the European countries that criticize the US as being "fascist" and such ---

This seemed to jump out of the text as living in the EU, no countries came to mind that officially or otherwise have claimed the US as being fascist. Or countries that might somehow be seen perceiving the US as "fascist". Was this in relation to the Patriot Act, way back then? A speech someone made, maybe? I have no doubt there's a bunch of people who feel this way, but I doubt it's a majority in any European country. I'm not sure we're as anti-american as you think. (A not entirely dissimilar statement based on my general view of the situation but not really backed up by any polls or studies that I know of.)

In short: This statement wasn't self-evident (didn't even ring as true) to me as a reader. What countries? Who critisized? It could use some sort of source.

Thank you again for the article.

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Edward L WinstonPosted: Feb 18, 2010 - 22:39

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CS Original

That was really a reference to when I wrote it, during the time of George W Bush, I'm not sure if you remember but at the time of the Iraq war that's all you heard. I guess now it's not really self-evident at all anymore. I'll make a note to remove that.

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