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Forum - Learn more about the 2 employees of FDR Michael Demarco and Stoyan

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The Burger KingPosted: Sep 05, 2015 - 23:53

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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I came across this podcast within the gold premium podcast section of FDR and thought it was much needed for me and for the outer audience to know. On it did not say that Stoyan would be in the podcasts as they called Stoyan a FDR listener.

FYI I did timestamp some of this out of interest however not much because it did not contain anything Moly related however I do find this podcast significant because there isn't a lot of info out there on the 2 employees of FDR. Also I probable butchers Stoyen's name up I'm willing to correct it if someone knows the correct spelling. I wrote this up really really fast.

Podcast name
Designing Your Life II: Working on Freedomain Radio

This podcast is very revealing about the employs of FDR, as Demarco talks about what he was going through before he came to FDR. To keep it short Demarco more or less created a job for himself at FDR because he hated his other job. Demarco had said that he has no clue what he would do if FDR did not employee him there was no plan "B". Demarco again has said he has invested a lot of time in getting to know Stef's family in real life before becoming a employee.

Stoyen however seems to have been recruited by Demarco. Stoyen grew up in Bulgaria and moved to the UK. Stoyen had one many prizes at art shows but decided to go into mathematics. Stoyen graduated from a IVY college. Stoyen said in podcast he could of easily got a 6 figure job in tech management position but instead joined FDR. Stoyen notes he has won a lot of NASA competitions. Stoyen also notes his intelligence several times within the conversations With Demarco; Goin to such extent as to say to Mike that he finished a 6 month project in 2 weeks but it looks like I took 6 months on it or that he's always got things done faster than the best guy out there. This is the first time Demarco talked to Stoyen have voice chatted with each other as before they only knew each other through text (time stamp of this 82:00).

So I think I was right about Demarco being a meek and meager mouse. He pretty much is a follower yet for Demarco listening to him on that podcast it was not easy for him to do what he did. You can see the curtains pulled back here and see how much anxiety Demarco was going through to the extent that when the transition from his current job to FDR was going on he went back to therapy (timestamp 39:00). Demarco's main problem was he was afraid he would lose his friendship with Stef if things went South on FDR.

Stoyen reminds me of a dude who loves to brags about himself a bit to much (just my thoughts).
He reminds me of the typical European mentality at least some of the ones I come across to on the internet which is I want to help the world but have no clue how I can do that and I can't just stick with one profession like I cat I kinda just pick up something until I lose interest. He actually reminds me of 2 people with the Zeitgeist movement which are Federico Pistono ( ) who is Italian and very out spoken, as well as a guy called Douglas Malltee who claims to be a NASA engineer but now works as a taxi driver working for Uber (credit to Justin Templar for finding out about that information on Doug begin a Taxi driver) in rhode island ( ). I met people like Stoyen, to me I'm sensing he's a bit of a bullshit artists but who isn't on the internet (no proof to back up the claim though), I think he'll eventually lose interest in FDR when it no longer inspires him aka bores him.

That's my take on this. I won't do this often unless I think it's important. I even went back to my notebook and grab some time stamps from the podcasts.
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