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Forum - My thoughts on the Stefan Molyneux recent DMCA use and everything else Moly related.

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The Burger KingPosted: Sep 01, 2014 - 19:49

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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So I will actually comment quickly on the DMCA notices filed on behalf of Stefan. FDR are in fact free to use the DMCA as well as anybody else. I don't like the concept of DMCA but it's there. I think Stefan abused the DMCA in taking down Trueshibes videos which I think are very insightful in getting to know Stefan more personally. At that Stefan did not have a good enough reason or a truthful one as to why he took down Trueshibes videos.

I have said this to TrueShibes long before the videos were taken down off youtube that his videos I felt played a vital roll in understanding Molynouex. That a lot of the videos on Trueshibes channel may change ones perceptions of Molyneux .

One video that stands out of them all for me that was on the Trushibes channel is a video that explains that Stef had been unemployed for two years, living at his mothers house when he met his wife. Stef wife confirms then and Stef confirms that as well. It's interesting for the fact that Stef makes it look like he's always been employed doing something when in fact that's clearly not the case. To me it isn't really that terrible of Stef had been honest about his past and said yeahh I was going through a rough patch etc.. I get that i think anybody would but he gives this perception that he's always had a job, was always doing the right things as far as being employed goes.

The Wife Pays! 'You couldn't get a better life for ME', says Molyneux

With that said as I have told Jim Jesus I do not believe in silver bullets (with few exceptions). I believe Stefan will make it out of this but this will be just another blight against him among a number of other blights with Stefan. Yeah I think it's pretty bad that he would DMCA a video I mean not in the sense that he did it because a lot of people DMCA things however his particular ideology is against using the state to force people to do your will which is the very thing he has done. This in fact does not discredit Stefan with me and the work he has done (EX: single mothers, spanking children, etc...), nor (like TZM) will I call FDR a cult.

It's interesting that out of the DMCA havoc there have been people who have gained enough confidence to throw more fuel on the fire a bit longer. One being a person who was apart of FDR's inner circle called Colleen. I have listened to Collens youtube channel which is at

What Colleen had to say to about Stefan didn't really sway me much. She had made claims that she was going to be a aerospace engineer and how she dropped out of college for this group. She had dated someone withing the group and was forced to break up with this other person do to group pressuring. Yet Greg (another person in the fdr inner circle) had said Stefan never pressured Colleen to break up with her then b/f. Colleen then talks about how she broke up with her b/f and how she didn't have job and didn't have anywhere to go since she defooed with her family. She then said she looked for FDR community even e-mailing Stefan for help but got no reply. She was affectively shunned by the FDR inner circle.

She is now getting married, and is getting her PHD in psychology. It's interesting she mentions/identifies twice that she's a scientists and knows the scientific method.

I am very sympathetic towards Colleens experiences I believe she thinks FDR is to blame. However I want to say she made the choice to join and get involved with FDR. She made a choice to break up with her b/f and also not have a job to support herself. Now instead of not recognizing the bad choices she's made she blames Stefan/entire group for the past choices she made. Honestly this sounds more like a bitter break up between old lovers, and whenever she see's FDR being kicked around such as with the DMCA fiasco she comes out of the woodwork to say ah hah see I told you so and so would do this. it's interesting that Colleen still follows FDR so intently if she's "over it". I mean she could of posted those youtube videos about Stefan at anytime but she decided now of all times to throw dirt at FDR.

My two cents and I do not say this often however I think something seriously is wrong with Colleen which could possibly be things that stem from her childhood i'm not sure. I'd like to say I can read people well and i suspect something is a bit off with Colleen. I could be wrong though.

Again not defending FDR and the DMCA that clearly was wrong and not consistent with UPB logic/ancap logic. With that said I had to put down my thoughts on what Colleen said.

Now onto . I wouldn't go out of my way to listen to Freedom Feens. It seems like a bad mesh of catch phrases meets family guy, meets Joe dirt (worms?). Dean seems to have a hate on for Molynouex because of a interview he did with Moly where Moly attempt to psychoanalysis him.

Dean did not really have much to add besides he got into ancap stuff because of Molly but still says screw Molyneux. Dean even brought on Colleen who basically said the same things in her youtube video on his stream. Suggest that Colleen would have a consistent spot on his show if she would like and she accepted the invitation but never offered the same extension to Greg who was on the show with Colleen and was a member of Stefan's inner circle.

Michael dean sounds like a cool dude, but his catch phrases are lame and after awhile irritate the heck out of me. He apparently plays the guitar, is vocal, basically musical which may suggest his grasp on reality isn't all that there. I agree with Michael that Stefan should not be doing psychoanalysis on unwillingly participants I suspect Michael does have a lot of childhood issues but rather than address these issues he'd rather fill his life with catch phrases like worms, and meow music. Again i could be wrong on this. At that if Michael Dean had a problem with Stefan he should of made episodes directed towards Stefan long before the DMCA occurred. I have made my problems public about Stefan on this site long before the DMCA incident ( ).

At that yes I agree what Stefan did with the DMCA is wrong, there isn't a justification for it. I don't agree with Stefan on a lot of things when it comes to economics, politics, or even how to start a entrepreneurial venture. I do not thing the DMCA take down by Stefan is going to hurt him much as I don't believe in silver bullets (with some exceptions). This was pretty bad though and I appreciate Jim Jesus for getting the ball roll on this and Jim was a crucial part in letting it known what Stefan had done. Without Jim I suspect Ana Kasparian would of never of found out about the DMCA, would of never of told Joe Rogan, and therefore Joe Rogan would of never of asked Stefan about the take down notices. As well as drumming up people like Colleen, and Freedom Feens to talk about this.
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