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Edward L WinstonPosted: Aug 29, 2012 - 08:34

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho: porn star and five-time ultimate smackdown wrestling champion!

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Good morning, skeptics!

Some time ago -- who cares when -- I said that I was finished with the skeptic community. It was all a lie it seems, as I have returned briefly to help contribute the things I never really got a chance to contribute.

Most of you know that it takes a very long time to review entire conspiracy films, which is the primary reason I became so burnt out over the course of Conspiracy Science's existence. I started a lot of movie reviews, but simply never finished. Over the weekend, however, I finally created a feature that was meant to be in Conspiracy Science, but I never got around to it, and thankfully the new Editor in Chief has added it.

It's called Team Review and it allows us all to review the claims within a film transcript and debunk them if necessary. All of this information is instantly available so reviews need-not be completed prior to being articles.

Over the course of this week I'll be slowly adding all of my old transcripts and notes to this. I encourage any members that wish to contribute to do so. It may seem counter-productive to debunk old conspiracy films, but they still make the rounds and are still quite popular.

I still will not be able to contribute like I used to, I'm very busy with work, family, and more important hobbies -- they're not that important -- so my hope is that adding all of my old information that's been sitting on my hard drive will revitalize things in our community.
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The Burger KingPosted: Aug 30, 2012 - 07:10

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

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Not sure what this is about but can't wait to see what it is.
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