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Forum - Lethal Glock Pistol Made of Plastic is Not Detected By Airport Metal Detectors Debunk

Debunked by Vincent Buckles (was a gun builder on a reality TV series called Sons of Guns)

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The Burger KingPosted: Mar 13, 2012 - 13:04

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Not many gun advocates let alone any debunks involving guns on SP but I thought this debunk by Vincent Buckles was particularly interesting (in picture above Vince is on the left with the beard wearing black shorts). If you do not know who Vincent Buckles he was on a reality TV series called "Sons Of Guns", where his job was of course to build/remake guns until he resigned to start his own business called "Mesa Kinetic Research" (gun building shop). Anyways the blog was particularly interesting as it basically goes on to debunk a issue Vince had in a Die Hard 2 movie where they claim a Glock pistol is made of plastic and therefore it cannot be detected by a metal detector. Vince goes into a lot of detail about the Glock pistol of the time, how the Glock can be detected by metal detectors, since 9/11 gun laws have changed, as well as other things. I do not agree with everything Vince says in the blog but it overall it is a nice debunk and nice read.


Its a ceramic gun!!!

March 3, 2012

So once again I learned a lesson. Do not make posts titled part one or everyone wants you to finish them with a part two, all the while you feel like writing about something else. This has absolutely nothing to do with vintage firearms or ammunition. In fact most gun folks over the age of thirty will probably find it boring and repetitive........ but there is a whole new generation of shooters who hardly remember the 90s. So if you older folks wanna read on for a laugh down memory lane feel free... if not, you can catch the newest episodes of Jersey Shore on MTV pretty much playing around the clock... or you could walk the dog or something.

So in 1990 a movie called Die Hard 2 came out. For those of you who have just reached the legal handgun ownership age, you probably didn't see it in the theater. You really didn't miss much except one simple line that sent the gun control lobby into a frenzy. In the film there is a scene where Bruce Willis claims that the Glock pistol carried by one of the bad guys is a ceramic gun that can get past an airport metal detector. I was 11 years old when this movie came out and I knew he was full of crap. Less than a year before that I saw my first Glock in person. My Cub Scout pack took a tour of a local sheriffs office and jail and the deputy who gave the tour showed us his Glock 17 service pistol, demonstrating how it had to to be put in a lock box before entering the cell block area. At age 11 I was by no means a firearms expert but I could clearly see the pistol had a plastic frame and that most of the other parts were made of metal. The deputy told us that the company who made the firearm was called Glock and that it was made in Austria. I was a bit fascinated by the weapon but it wasn't until I saw Die Hard 2 that I started noticing false claims about these weapons made left and right.

First off the Glock model 17 is the first model the company produced. Its model number is based on the 17 round magazine capacity. The frame of the weapon is injected molded polymer ( plastic if you will) with metal rails, a steel barrel and slide, and a majority of its thirty-something parts made of metal. So for the folks out there ( ahem..Sarah Brady) that realistically think that it can pass through airport security undetected...well let me just say as nicely as possible that you need to repeat 4th grade science.

The movie Die Hard 2 actually ( and I wish I was kidding) sparked a witch hunt against Glock. Overnight you had senators claiming that it could get past airport security. In 1990, a Glock was a rather expensive pistol and not at all the weapon of the common street criminal or gang member. This did not seem to matter to the anti-gun lobby. As far as they were concerned, if Bruce Willis said it was the tool of a terrorist, then it was. I often wondered if these same folks thought the scene where his character John McClain used the ejection seat of a grounded aircraft to successfully parachute away from a cockpit full of grenades was realistic.

It seriously boggles my mind that the gun control lobby believes crap like this. I believe the movie Dick Tracey came out that same summer. The film had a several minute gun fight where Tracey never reloads his Thompson but fires constantly. Anyone who has ever fired a submachine gun know the magazine no matter how large is empty in seconds. And yet the Brady Campaign and others feel the need to use Hollywood as their text book for firearms information.

For those of you just old enough to own a firearm... DO NOT take for granted the fact that you can buy an AR-15 with a flash hider, bayonet lug, pistol grip, and a 30 round magazine. When I turned 18, that was only an option if you bought an insanely priced "pre-ban" rifle. Until I was 25, buying a new pistol with a magazine over 10 rounds was not happening. And the sad part is, that the gun grabbers in congress used movies like Die hard 2 to get their way.

Now call me crazy, but if I recall correctly, on Tuesday September 11th 2001, there were no Glock pistols in the hands of the bad guys. Just simple razor knife box cutters we can all buy with five bucks at any hardware store. It would have looked pretty stupid for a senator or congressperson to propose a bill banning those. Instead, they pushed for a renewal of the Clinton crime bill, but thankfully lost that fight.

Every one of us has a family member or friend who believes the lies and the hype forced on us about firearms by the media and those who seek to further their political careers by demonizing firearms. They probably were scared to death about the evil plastic terrorist pistol in Die Hard 2. In fact if they knew you had one the might even call the cops to report you. And they probably wouldn't even notice the firearm on the hip of the officer taking the report was an evil "ceramic" Glock.

If you haven't noticed by now, the 2nd amendment is something I take very seriously, and I urge those who oppose it to stay home from voting, pop some popcorn, and spend their days watching Die Hard 2.

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