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Forum - The Legend of Ruby Ridge

A documentary that looks inside the life of those apart of survivalist, sovereign citizens and far-right groups in ruby ridge

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DJboREPosted: Dec 28, 2011 - 03:19

Sleep, Laugh, Type, Skate, repeat

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CS Original
It's been uploaded from someone who holds a conspiracy theorist viewpoint, but there's no editing or altered footage.

Been on a 90's kick of things like this...hope everyone had a merry Christmas and has a happy new year!
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RealSciencePosted: Dec 28, 2011 - 19:08

"In all of science we are looking for a balance..between data and theory." -Michael Shermer

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I strongly disagree with all the guns, violence, paranoia, NWO etc that the family may have been promoting. But I think its our responsibility as human being to debunk such claims instead of making/inducing fantasy's to somewhat come true. This is a perfect a example of where something goes wrong and just out of mere chance everything seems to be coming true(referring to believing in NWO). Looking at it from their perspective or at least the perspective presented in the film, it would not be all the abnormal to come to such a conclusion. The government/others should be trying to prove, or a least show people that they aren't NWO, zog etc instead of antagonizing them into full pledged beliefs. Seriously your dealing with a fragile human being(s) that are on the fringes of society that are ready or seem to be with the pull of a string. Basically when bad turns to worse, your going to have problems :P.

C'mon shooting a little 10 year old kid is uncalled for, its not really his fault he was born into a family that were gun/violent promoters. He didn't have the ability to question his beliefs yet nor did he really have any sense of free will.

(I am soIey basing my judgement of this film. I know nothing about this event and this was the first thing I have ever heard of it.)
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