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Forum - Paultards angry at Rand Paul over OBL

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scitopsPosted: May 05, 2011 - 08:21

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Not exactly a shocker, but many of the hordes of Paulbots and WMLP's populating the Internet Treehouse of Liberty are angry at Rand Paul for saying the following on Truther Judge Napolitano's show Monday:

"The death of bin Laden, I think, is being celebrated, and really rightfully so."
Finally something that Rand Paul and I agree on. I'm quite happy that he's no longer lounging peaceably in his compound, even if I'm not partaking in a blood lust rally. To each his/her own.

While a good portion of Paulbots agree with Paul (and pretty much anything that comes out of his mouth, even if it invokes Rand's Law), a decent split vehemently disagree. I'll spare you the screenshots and quotes, but those angry at Paul are basically split into two camps:

#1: 9/11 was an inside job and Osama bin Laden is nothing but a Lee Harvey Oswald-esque patsy, therefore there's nothing to celebrate.

#2: The mission that killed Osama was an unconstitutional act by an imperialist death squad, which we should be outraged by.
I will at least give the Paulbots credit for (largely) discounting the complete crackpot theories of Rand Paul's good friend Alex Jones, who says that the US government has been keeping Osama's corpse in a refrigerator for 9 years, along with Obama's photoshopped birth certificate.

But what fascinating people. And yes, fascinating that I agree with Rand Paul about something, even though this is setting the bar pretty damned low.

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