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Forum - Birther Logic (or lack thereof)

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Agent MattPosted: Apr 28, 2011 - 11:34

Genuine American Monster

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The original Hawaiian B-C forms bound into folders are printed with no background pattern..... so is any other Barack-lover in the elast curious as to why this forgery not only displays a phony all-over green background, but the pattern on the left fold of the fake fails to curve round where it might have otherwise be bent in photocopying a 1961 folio.... the pattern keeps going straight to the left edge.... as if somebody's trying to forge a plausible error. I'm no doco expert, but even my myopic eyes pick up egregious errors.
I have the advantage of direct comparison with a genuine doco issued by the institution named in this fake. This doco's posthumous announcement, vainly attempting to conceal the mis-spelled lad's contemporaneous arrival on Earth 7000 miles away, this doco will prove to be the youngster's final undoing.
The facts will be revealed in a forum for the benefit of those interested in the truth of the kenyan-imposter's shenanigans
No doubt TPTB will have Our Man from Mombasa soldier on for the rest of (t)his fraudulent term, if only to carry on illegally commandeering the Blackwater gangsters torturing honorable marines like Bradley, and committing middle-east millions to unspeakable genocide

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