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anticultistPosted: Apr 24, 2011 - 10:26

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The Universal Book of Craft Masonry (6th edition 1952)
*Publishers Sticker attached below*
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21, CECIL COURT,LONDON, W.C.2.TEMple Bar 2182”

Information for candidates.

Freemasonry consists of a body of men banded together to preserve the secrets, customs, and ceremonials handed down to them from time immemorial, and for the purposes of mutual, intellectual, social, and moral improvement; they also endeavour to cultivate and exhibit brotherly love, relief and truth, not only to one another, but to the world at large.
Freemasonry offers no pecuniary advantageswhatever, neither does there exist any obligation nor implied understanding binding one Mason to deal with another, nor to support him in any way in the ordinary business relations of life.
Freemasonry teaches us to remember our common origin; it also ditinctly enjoins us to respect all social distinctions, so that while some must rule, others must obey and cheerfully accept their inferior positions.
Freemasonry has certain charities, but it is not in any sense whatever a benefit society, nor is it based upon any calculations which would render this possible. The charities are solely for those who having been in good circumstances have been overtaken by misfortune or adversity, and they are quite insufficient to meet even these demands now made upon them.

Freemasonry distinctly teaches that a man’s first duty is to himself, his wife, his family, and his connections, and no one should join the Order who cannot well afford to pay the initiation fees and subscriptions to his Lodge, as well as the Masonic charities, and this without detriment in any way to his comfort, or to that of those who have claim upon his support.
Freemasonry recognises no distinctions of religion, but none should attempt to enter who have no religious belief, as faith in a Deity must be expressed before any can be initiated, and prayers to Him form a frequent part of the ritual.
Freemasonry, therefore, demands that everyone before offering himself as a candidate, should be well assured in his own mind:-
1. That he sincerely desires the intellectual and moral improvement of himself and his fellow creatures, and that he is willing to devote part of his time, means, and efforts to the promotion of brotherly love, relief and truth.
2. That he seeks no commercial, social, nor pecuniary advantages.
3. That he is able to afford the necessary expenditure without injury to himself or connections.
4. That he is willing to enter into solemn obligations in the sight of his God.


In introducing the “Universal Book” to the Masonic World, the authors do so with every confidence, feeling sure that it will meet with the approval of every English-speaking Freemason. Great care has been taken in its compilation to preserve the ancient land-marks; and the established customs of the Order have been rigidly adhered to. The authors hope it will be found to be a work which will appeal to all those desirous of making themselves proficient in the beautiful ritual which has been handed down from time immemorial.


General instructions
First Degree
Opening the lodge
Ceremony of initiation
Charge after initiation
Tracing board
Closing the lodge
Long closing

General Instructions

All candidates for initiation must be regularly proposed, seconded and approved by the Brethren in open Lodge assembled, which is done by ballot, and must sign the usual declaration. – Vide “CONSITUTIONS OF FREE AND ACCEPTED MASONS.”
The Master and Wardens on taking their positions, should enter at the right and leave from the left.
Whenever the Master sounds his G... the Wardens must respond.
Brethren entering the Lodge after it has been opened must stand at the left of the S.W., and salute the Master by taking the s......p and shewing the sign. Should the Lodge be in a superior degree, they must salute in that degree, but first in the former degrees.

All questions, remarks, propositions, etc., must be addressed to the Master, and not to individual members of the Lodge.
When two candidates are being initiated at the same time, the J.D. should take charge of the one whose name appears first on the Agenda, the other following in rotation, instructing them how to advance, and dictating the answers when presenting them for examination by the Wardens.
During the Prayer and Obligation the Deacons cross their wands over the Candidate’s head.

The first degree:
Ceremony of Opening the Lodge in the first degree.

(The Brethren being assembled, the W.M. sounds his G...l, which is answered by the S. And J. Wardens).
W.M. - Brethren, assist me to open the lodge (all rise)
W.M. to J.W. – Brother (name), what is the first care of every Freemason?
J.W. – To see that the Lodge is properly T...d.
W.M.- Direct that duty to be done
J.W. to I.G. – Brother (name), see that the lodge is properly T...d.
The I.G. gives............, and being answered by the T., reports:
I.G. to J.W. –Brother (name) the Lodge is properly T...d.
J.W. to W.M.- (sounds his G...l.) Brother (name), the Lodge is properly T...d.
W.M. to S.W.- Brother (name), the next care?
S.W.- To see that none but Freemasons are present.
W.M. – To order, Brethren, as Freemasons.
(The Brethren stand to order as E.A. Freemasons)
W.M.- Brother J.W., how many principle officers are there in the Lodge ?
J.W.- Three: the W.M., the S. And the J. Wardens.
W.M.-Brother S.W. how many assistant officers are there?
S.W.- Three: besides the T., or O.G. namely---the S. And J. Deacons and the I.G.
W.M. to J.W.-The situation of the T.?
J.W.- Outside the door of the Lodge.
W.M.- His duty?
J.W.- Being armed with d...n s...d, to keep off all cowans and intruders to Freemasonry, and see that the Candidates are properly prepared.
W.M. to S.W.-The situation of the I.G.?
S.Q.-Within the entrance of the Lodge.
W.M. – His duty ?
S.W.- To admit Freemasons on proof, receive candidates in due form, and obey the commands of J.W.
W.M to J.W.- The situation of the J.D.?
J.W.-At the right of the S.W.
W.M.-His duty?
J.W.-To carry all messages and communications of the W.M. from the S. To the J.W., and see that the same are punctually obeyed.
W.M. to S.W.- The situation of the S.D. ?
S.W.-At, or near, the right of the W.M.
W.M.- His duty?
S.W.-To bear all messages and commands from the W.M. to the S.W., and await the return of the J.D.
W.M.- Brother J.W., your situation in the Lodge?
J.W.-In the S., W.M.
W.M.-Why are you placed there?
J.W.- To mark the sun at the meridian, to call the Brethren from labour to refreshment, and from refreshment to labour, that profit and pleasure may be the result.
W.M.-Brother S.W., your situation in the Lodge?
S.W.- In the W., W.M.
W.M.-Why are you placed there?
S.W.-To mark the setting Sun and to close the Lodge by command of the W.M., having seen that every brother has had his due.
W.M. to I.P.M.-W. Brother I.P.M., the Master’s place in the lodge?
I.P.M.-In the E., W.M.
W.M.-Why is he placed there?
I.P.M.- As the Sun rises in the E. Top open and enliven the day, so is the W.M. placed in the E. Top open the Lodge, and employ and instruct the Brethren in Freemasonry.
[Hand written note here in this book says; Request the chaplain to say prayer]
W.M.-Brethren, the Lodge being duly formed, before I declare it open, let is invoke the assistance of T.G.A.O.T.U. on all our undertakings; may our labours, thus begun in order, be conducted in peace, and closed in harmony. (So mote it be.)
W.M.-Brethren, in the name of T.G.A.O.T.U., I declare the Lodge duly open, for the purpose of Freemasonry in the first degree.
(The W.M. sounds the knocks of the degree, which are repeated by the S. And J. Wardens, I.G., and T.).
(The I.P.M. opens the V. Of the S.L., and places the S. And C. In proper position. The S.W. raises his c...n, and the S.D. attends to the T.B.).
(The Brethren resume their seats.)

Ceremony of initiation

(The Brethren being assembled the lodge is open in the first degree, and the minutes of the previous Lodge Meeting are read and put for confirmation(which must always be done in the first degree)...The Candidate is then balloted for; the result being favourable, the T. Is instructed to prepare him. When ready, the T. Gives the report in the first degree).
I.G.(Advances with the s.p. and s.n.)-Brother J.W., there is a report.
J.W.(Rises, and shews the s.n.)- W.M. there is a report.
W.M.- Brother, J.W., enquire who wants admission.
J.W.(Resumes his seat).-Brother I.G., See who seeks admission.
(The I.G. opens the door)
I.G. to T. –Whom have you there?
T.- Mr (name), a poor candidate in a state of .........,who has been well and worthily recommended, regularly proposed and approved in open Lodge, now comes of his own free will and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry.
I.G.-How does he hope to obtain those privileges?
T.-By the help of God, being free and of good report.
I.G.-Wait, while I report to the W.M.
(Closes the door, goes to the left of the S.W.)
I.G. (with s.p. and s.n.)- W.M., Mr. (name) a poor candidate in a state of .........,who has been well and worthily recommended, regularly proposed and approved in open Lodge, now comes of his own free will and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry.
W.M.-How does he hope to obtain those privileges?
I.G.-By the help of God, being free and of good report.
W.M.-The tongue of good report has already been heard in his favour; do you Brother I.G., vouch that he is properly prepared?
I.G.-I do W.M.
W.M.-Admit him in due form. (sounds his G...l.) Brother Deacons.
(The Deacons receive the candidate at the door, the J.D. takes the candidates r.h. in his l.h.; the I.G. applies the ... to his n.l.b. and asks him if he feels anything; on receiving a reply in the affirmative, he raises the ... above his head to shew the W.M. that the candidate has been admitted in “due form.” The J.D. then takes charge of the candidate, and leads him to the left of the S.W.)
W.M. to candidate- Mr.(name), as no person can be made a Freemason unless he is free, and of mature age, I demand are you free, and of the full age of twenty-one years?
Candidate-I am
W.M.-Thus assured, you will knee, while the blessing of Heaven is invoked in aid of our proceedings* [*Should the candidate be a Jew, the W.M. says‘As an Israelite you will be covered.’]
(The Brethren rise, and stand to order with the sign of Reverence.)
(During the Prayer and obligation the Deacons stand behind the candidate holding their wands crossed above his head)


Vouchsafe Thine aid, Almighty Father, Supreme Governor of the Universe, to our present convention, and grant that this candidate for Freemasonry may so dedicate and devote his life to Thy service, as to become a true and faithful Brother among us. Endue him with a competency of Thy divine wisdom, so that assisted by the secrets of our Masonic art, he may be the better enabled to unfold the beauties of true Godliness, to the honour and glory of Thy holy name. (So mote it be)
W.m. to candidate – Mr (name), in all cases of difficulty and danger, in whom do you put your trust?
Candidate- In God.
W.M.- Right glad am I to find your faith so well founded; relying on such sure support, you may rise* *If a Jew, leave out the words “rise and” follow your leader with a firm but humble confidence, for where the name of God is invoked, we trust no danger will ensue.
(The Brethren resume their seats)
W.M.- (G...l.). Brethren in the N,E,S and W, take notice that Mr.(name)
Is about to pass in view before you, to shew that he is a candidate properly prepared to be made a Freemason.
(The J.D. takes the candidate by the r.h., leads him up the N., past the W.M., and round to the J.W., and with the candidates r.h.s. the J.W. t.t. on the r.s.)
J.W. to J.D.-Whom have you there?
J.D. – (with sp. and sn.)- Mr. (name) a poor candidate in a state of .........,who has been well and worthily recommended, regularly proposed and approved in open Lodge, now comes of his own free will and accord, properly prepared, humbly soliciting to be admitted to the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry.
J.W.-How does he hope to obtain those privileges?
J.D.-By the help of God, being free and of good report.
J.W. (Rises, takes the candidate by the r.h.) – Enter free and of good report.
(The J.D. conducts the candidate to the right of the S.W., who passes him through the same examination; he is then taken to the left of the S.W.)
S.W. (Shews the sn. And takes the candidate by the r.h.)-W.M. I present to you Mr(name), a candidate properly prepared to be made a Freemason.
W.M. – Brother S.W., your presentation shall be attended to, for which purpose I will address a few questions to the candidate, which I trust he will answer with candour. (The S.W. resumes his seat)
W.M. to candidate.- Mr.(name), do you seriously declare in honour, that, unbiased by the improper solicitation of friends against your own inclination, and uninfluenced by mercenary or other unworthy motives, you freely and voluntarily offer yourself a candidate for the mysteries and privileges of Ancient Freemasonry?
Candidate.- I do
W.M. – Do you likewise pledge yourself that you are prompted to solicit those privileges by a favourable opinion preconceived of the Institution, a general desire for knowledge, and a sincere wish to render yourself more extensively serviceable to your fellow creatures ?
Candidate.- I do
W.M.- Do you further seriously declare on your honour, that, avoiding fear on the one hand, and rashness on the other, you will steadily perseveres through the ceremony of your initiation, and, if admitted, will ever afterwards act and abide by the Ancient usages and established customs of the order?
Candidate.-I do
W.M. – Brother S.W., Direct the J.D. to instruct the candidate to advance in the E. Iun due form.
S.W. – Brother J.D., it is the W.Masters command that you indtruct the candidate to advance to the E. In due form.
(The J.D. leads the candidate to within about a yard of the W.M., takes him by both arms, and directs him to place his f. together, to turn out his l.f. h. to h. so as to form a S., to take a s.s. with his l.f. dragging the r.f. after it. To take another a little longer, and to take another a little longer still)
W.M. to candidate.- mr.(name) it is my duty to inform you that Masonry is free, and requires a perfect freedom of inclination in every candidate for its mysteries: it is founded on the purest principles of peity and virtue; it possesses many great and invaluable priveleges; and in order to secure those privileges to worthy men, and we trust to worthy men alone, vows of fidelity are required; but let me assure you that in those vows there is nothing incompatible with your civil, moral, or religious duties: are you therefore Willing to take a G. And S.O, founded on the principles I have stated, to keep inviolate the secrets and mysteries of the order ?
Candidate- I am
W.M.- Then you will k. On your l.k place your r.f. so as to form a S., (rises) giv me your r.h., which I place on this book, the V. Of the S.L., while your l.h. will be employed in supporting a pair of ......, one ...... presented to your n.l.b.
(The W.M. here sounds his G...l., which is answered by the Wardens; the Brethren rise and stand to order.)
W.M. to candidate.- State your name at length, and repeat after me:


W.M. – I (full name), in the presence of T.G.A.O.T.U, and of this worthy worshipful, and warranted Lodge of Ancient, Free and Accepted Masons, regularly assembled and properly dedicated, of my own free will and accord, do hereby and hereon, solemnly and sincerely swear, that I will always hele, conceal, and never reveal, any part or parts, point or points, of the secrets and mysteries of, or belonging to, Free and Accepted Masons in Masonry, which may heretofore have been known by, shall now, or may at any future time be communicated to me, unless it be to a true and lawful Brother, or Brethren, and not even unto him or them until after due trial, strict examination, or sure information from some well known Brother, that he or they are worthy of that confidence, or in the body of a just, perfect, and regular Lodge of Ancient Free and Accepted Masons. I likewise solemnly promise that I will not write those secrets, indite, carve, mark, engrave, or otherwise them delineate, or cause or suffer it to be done by others, if in my power to prevent it, on anything movable or immovable under the canopy of Heaven, whereby, or whereon, any letter, character, or figure, or the least trace of any any letter, character, or figure, may become legible or intelligible to myself or to anyone in the world, lest our secret art and hidden mysteries may improperly become known through my unworthiness. These several points i solemnly swear to observe, without Evasion, equivocation, or mental reservation of any kind, under the no less penalty, on the violation of any of them, than that of having, etc., or the no less effective punishment of being branded as a wilfully perjured individual devoid of moral worth, and totally unfit to be received into this worshipful Lodge, or any other warranted Lodge, or society of men who prize honour and virtue above the external advantages of rank and fortune. So help me ......, and keep me steadfast, in this the G. and S. O. of an E. A. Freemason.
W.M.- As what you have repeated may be considered only a serious promise as a pledge of fidelity, and to render it a G. and S. O. , you will seal it with your lips on this book, the V. Of the S. L.
W.M.-having been kept for a considerable time in a state if d......s, what in your present condition is the predominant wish of the heart ?
Candidate.- .........
W.M.-Brother J.D., let that blessing be restored to the candidate.
[*hand written note: Gen chap1 verse 1-3 Hymn. Let there be light]
(The W.M. takes his G...l, and at the proper time the Brethren simultaneously c... their h.s The J.D. at that moment restores the ......)
(The J.D. should gently lay his hand on the head of the candidate, pressing it slightly forward, so that his gaze may be directed upon the T.G.L.)
W.M.-Having been restored to the blessings of material ......, I will now direct your attention to what we consider the three great,though emblematical ...... in Freemasonry; they are the V. Of the S.L., the S., and the Cs.; the S.Ws are to govern our faith, the S. To regulate our actions, and the C. To keep us in due bounds with all mankind, particularly our Brethren in Freemasonry (takes him by the r.h.) Rise, duly obligated, Brother among Masons.
(The Brethren resume their seats, and the candidate is placed at the right of the W.M.)
W.M.-You are now enabled to discover the three ...... in Freemasonry, which are situated in the E. S. And W. And are meant to represent the Sun, the Moon, and the Master of the Lodge; the Sun to rule the day, the Moon to govern by night, and the M. to rule and direct his Lodge.
W.M.-Brother (This is the first time the candidate is addressed as Brother), by your meek and candid behaviour this evening, you have escaped two great dangers, but there is a third which will await you until the latest period of your existence. The dangers you have already escaped are those of the ...... and ........., for on your entrance into the Lodge this p... was presented to your n.l.b., so that had you rashly attempted to rush forward you would have been an accessory to your ...... by ......, as the Brother who held it would have remained firm, and have done his duty.
There was likewise this c... t... with a r.n. about your n., which would have rendered an attempt at retreat equally fatal; but the danger which will await you until your latest hour is the penalty of your O., that you would rather, etc., than improperly disclose the secrets of Freemasonry.
Having taken the G. and S.O. of an E. A. Freemason, I am now permitted to inform you that there are several Degrees in Freemasonry, with peculiar secrets restricted to each; these however, are not communicated indiscriminately, but are conferred upon candidates according to merit and ability. I shall therefore, proceed to entrust you with the secrets of this degree, or those marks by which we are known to each other, and distinguished from the rest of the world, but must premise for your general information that all Ss., Ls., and Ps., are true and proper signs by which to know a Freemason; you will therefore stand perfectly erect, your feet in the form of a S., your body thus being considered an emblem of your mind, and your feet of the rectitude of your actions. You will now take a s.s. towards me with your l.f., placing the h. of the r. Into its h.;that, my Brother is the f.r.s. in Freemasonry, and it is in that position the secrets of the degree are communicated; they consist of a Sn., T. And W. (Rises).
Please copy me. The Sn. Is given, etc., this, you will precieve, alludes to the p. Of your O., where in you have sworn that, as a man of honour and an E. A. Freemason, you would rather, etc.
The G. or T. Is given, etc.; this G. when mutually given and received, serves to distinguish a Brother by night as well as by day; it also demands a W.; a W. Higgly prized amongst Freemasons as a safeguard to their priveleges; too much caution, therefore, cannot be observed in communicating it;it should never be given at length (as you are about to receive it), but always by a l.s or a s.s., to enable you to do which I will tell you, the W.... it is ......... (candidate repeats). As in the course of the ceremony you will be called upon for this W., the J.D. will now dictate the answers you are to give.
W.M. – (Gives the G. and asks) What is this?
Candidate.- (instructed by the J.D.) The G. or the T. Of an E. A Freemason
W.M.- What does this G. demand?
Candidate.- A. W.
J.D.-Give me that W.
Candidate.- At my initiation I was taught to be cautious, but I will l. Or h. it with you
W.M. - H. it and begin
(The examination is gone through)
W.M.-This W. Is derived from the l.h.p. that stood at the p.e. of K.S.T.,so named after ...... a G.G. of D., a P. And R. In I. The import of the W. Is ...... Pass ......
(The candidate is now taken to the J.W., and presented.)
J.D. (with sp. And sn.)- Brother J.W., I present to you Brother (name) on his initiation.
J.W.-I will thank Brother (name) to advance to me as an E. A,. Freemason, shewing the Sn.
(The J.D. instructs him)
J.W. – Have you anything to communicate?
Candidate.- I have
(The J.W. rises and the G. is given by the candidate)
J.W.- What is this?
Candidate.- The G. or T. Of an E. A. Freemason
J.W. What does this G. demand?
Candidate.- At my initiation I was taught to be cautious, but I will l. Or h. it with you
J.W. - H. it and begin
J.W.- Pass ......
(The candidate is conducted to the S.W., who examines him as follows)
J.D. (with sp. And sn.)-Brother S.W.,I present to you Brother (name) on his initiation
S.W. .-I will thank Brother (name) to advance to me as an E. A,. Freemason
(The candidate is again instructed by the J.D.)
S.W. to candidate- what is this?
Candidate.- the f.r.s. in Freemasonry
S.W.-Do you bring anyting with you?
Candidate.-I do (shews the sn.)
S.W. – What is that?
Candidate.- the sign of an E.A. Freemason
S.W.-To what does it allude?
Candidate.- To the point of my origin, wherein I have sworn that, as a man of honour and an Entered Apprentice Freemason I would rather ... than disclose the secrets of Freemasonry.
S.W. Have you anyting to communicate?
Candidate.- I have
(The S.W. rises and the candidate gives G.)
S.W.-What is this?
Candidate.- The G. or T. Of an E. A, Freemason
S.W.- What does this G.demand?
Candidate.- A W.
S.W.-Give me that W.
Candidate.- At my initiation I was taught to be cautious, but I will l. Or h. it with you
S.W. - H. it and begin
S.W.-Whence is this G. derived?
Candidate. This W. Is derived from the l.h.p. that stood at the p.e. of K.S.T.,so named after ...... a G.G. of D., a P. And R. In I.
S.W. The import of the W.
Candidate.- ......
S.W.- Pass ......
(The candidate is taken to the left of the S.W.)
S.W. (shows the sign and takes candidate by the right hand)-W.M. I present to you Brother (name) on his initiation, for some mark of your favour.
W.M.-Brother S.W., I delegate you to invest our Brother with the distinguishing badge of an E.A. Freemason
S.W.- Brother (name), by command of the Warden Master, I invest you with the distinguishing badge of an E.A. Freemason; it ismore ancient than the golden fleece, or romain eagle, more honourable than the star, garter, or any other Order in existence, it being The badge of innocence, and the bond of friendship, and I strongly exhort you ever to wear and consider it as such, and I further inform you, that, if you never disgrace that badge
(the S.W. strikes it, and all the Brethren s. their b.) it will never disgrace you.
(The J.D. now turns the candidate towards the W.M., who addresses him as follows)
W.M.- I will add to the observations of our Brother S.W., that you are never to put on that badge should you be about to enter a Lodge wherein there is a Brother with whom you are at variance, or against whom you entertain feelings of animosity; in such a case it is expected that you will invite him to withdraw, in order to settle your differences amicably, which, if happily effected, you may clothe, enter the Lodge, and work with that love and harmony which should at all times characterise Freemasons, but if unfortunately, your differences are of such a nature as not to be so easily adjusted, it were better that one of you or both of you retire, than that the harmony of the lodge should be Disturbed by your presence.
W.M. Brother J.D. place our Brother in the N.E. part of the Lodge.
(The J.D. instructs the candidate as to the position in which to stand)


W.M. to candidate- It is customary at the erection of all stately and superb edifices, to lay the first, or foundation stone, at the N.E corner of the intended building; you, being newly admitted into Freemasonry, are placed in the N.E. part of the Lodge, figuratively to represent that stone, and on the foundation laid this evening may you raise a superstructure, perfect in its parts, and honourable to the builder. You now stand to all appearances a just and upright E. A. Freemason, and I give it to you in terms of strong recommendation ever to continue and act as such; indeed I shall immediately proceed to put your principles in some measure to the test, by calling upon you to exercise that virtue, which may justly be denominated the distinguishing characteristic of a Freemasons heart- I mean Christianity. I need not here dilate on its excellences, doubtless it has
Often been felt and practised by you, suffice it to say, it hath the approbation of heaven and earth, and like its sister, mercy, blesses him who gives, as well as him who receives. In a society so widely extended as that of Freemasonry, whose branches are spread over the four quarters of the globe, it cannot be denied that we have many members of rank and opulence, neither can it be concealed, that, among the thousands that are ranged under its banner, there are some who from circumstances of unforeseen calamity and misfortune, are reduced to the lowest ebb of poverty and distress. On their behalf it is our usual custom to awaken the feelings of every newly-made Brother, by making such an appeal to his charity as his circumstances in life may fairly warrant; whatever, therefore, you have to give. You will deposit with the J.D.; it will be thankfully received and faithfully applied.
J.D. to candidate-Have you anything to give in the cause of charity?
J.D.-were you divested of all money and metallic substances Previously to entering the lodge?
Candidate-I was
J.D.-Otherwise, would you have given freely?
Candidate-I would
J.D. (With sp. And sn. Standing in front of W.M.)-W.M.,our Brother expresses his willingness but pleads inability, having been deprived of every article of value previously to entering the Lodge*
*Sometimes rendered: having been divested of all M......... and M.........s previously to entering the Lodge.
W.M. to candidate-i congratulate you on the honourable sentiments by which you are actuated, likewise on the inability which in the present instance, precludes you from gratifying them; believe me my Brother, this trial was not made with a view to sport with your feelings, far be from us any such intention; it was made for three especial reasons; first as I have already premised, to put your principles to the test, secondly to evince you had neither ................. nor ................. about you, for, if you had, the ceremony of Your initiation thus far must have been repeated; and thirdly, as a warning to your heart, that should you at any time meet a friend or Brother in distressed circumstances who might solicit your assistance, you will remember the peculiar moments you were received into Freemasonry, p...r and p...s and cheerfully embrace the opportunity of practising that virtue you now profess to admire.
Please step this way, and I will present to your notice the working tools of an E. A. Freemason. They are the 24 inch gauge, the C. Gravel and the C. The 24 Inch gauge is to measure the work, the C. Gravel is to knock off all superfluities, and the C. to further prepare the stone for the hands of the more experienced workmen. But, as we are not operative, but free and accepted, or speculative masons, we apply these tools to morals. In this sense, the 24 inch Gauge reminds us of the 24 hours of the day, part to be spent in prayer to almighty God, part in labour and refreshment, and part in serving a friend or Brother in time of need, that not being detrimental to ourselves or connections.
The C. Gravel denotes the force of conscience, which should keep down all vain and unbecoming thoughts that might obtrude during the afore mentioned periods, so that our words and actions may ascend unpolluted to the throne of grace.
The C. Points out the advantages of education, by which means alone we are rendered fit members for well organised society.
W.M.- As in course of the evening you will be called upon for certain fees for your initiation, it is but right that you should know by what authority we act. This is our Charter, or Warrant of constitution (opens and shows it) from the Grand Central Lodge of England, which is open for your inspection at this or any subsequent Lodge meeting: this is a book of Constitutions, and these are our bye laws, both of which I recommend to your serious perusal, as by the one you may learn the duties you owe to the Craft in general, and by the other (presents them to the candidate), to this Lodge in particular. You are now at liberty to retire, in order to restore your personal comforts, and on your return to the Lodge, I shall direct your attention to an *Ancient Charge, founded on the excellences of the institution, and the qualifications of its members. *This charge should always be given
(The J.D. conducts the candidate to the left of the S.W., and directs him to salute the W.M. as an E.A. Freemason)
(On his return to the Lodge the candidate salutes the W.M. as an E. A. Freemason, and is placed again in the N.E. part of the Lodge.)


Charge after initiation

W.M. to candidate- Having passed through the ceremony of your initiation, I congratulate you on being admitted a member of our ancient and honourable institution; ancient no doubt it is, having subsisted from time immemorial; and honourable it must be acknowledged to be, as, by a natural tendency, it conduces to make all those so who are obedient to its precepts; indeed, no institution can boast a more solid foundation than that on which Freemasonry rests, the practice of every moral and social virtue; and to so high an eminence has its credit been advanced, that, in every age, Monarchs themselves have been promoters of the Art, have not thought it derogatory to their dignity to exchange the sceptre for the trowel, have participated in our mysteries, and joined in our assembles.
As a Freemason, I would first recommend to your most serious contemplation the V. Of the S.L., charging you to consider it as the unerring standard of truth and justice, and to regulate your actions by the Divine precepts it contains; therein you will be taught the important duties you owe to god, to your neighbour, and to yourself.(The W.M. sounds the G., and the Brethren rise to order with the sign of reverence) To god by never mentioning his name but with that awe and reverence which are due from the creature to the creator, by imploring his aid on all your lawful undertakings, and by looking up to him in every emergency for comfort and support.(The Brethren resume their seats)To your neighbour, by acting with him on the square, by rendering every kind office which justice or mercy may require, by relieving his necessities, soothing his afflictions, and by doing unto him as in similar cases you would wish he should do to you. And to yourself, by such a prudent and well regulated course of discipline as may best conduce to the preservation of your corporeal and mental faculties in their fullest energy, thereby enabling you to exercise those talents wherewith god has blessed you, to his glory and the welfare of your fellow creatures.
As a citizen of the world I enjoin You to be exemplary in the discharge of your civil duties, by never proposing or countenancing, any act which may have a tendency to subvert the peace and good order of society; by paying a due obedience to the laws of any state, which may for a time become the place of your residence, or afford you its protection; and, above all, by never losing sight of the allegiance due to the sovereign of your native land, ever remembering that nature has planted in your breast a sacred and indissoluble attachment towards that country, whence you derived your birth and infant nurture.
As an individual, I would further recommend the practice of every domestic as well as public virtue; let prudence direct you, temperance chasten you, fortitude support you, and justice be the guide of all your actions. Be especially careful to maintain in their fullest splendour those truly Masonic ornaments which have already been amply illustrated, namely, benevolence and charity.
Still as a Freemason, there are other excellences of character to which your Attention may be particularly and forcibly directed; among the foremost of these are secrecy, fidelity and obedience. Secrecy consists in the inviolable adherence to the obligation you have entered upon, never improperly to disclose any of those Masonic secrets, which have now been, or may at any future time, be entrusted to your keeping, and cautiously to avoid all occasions which might inadvertently lead you so to do. Your fidelity must be exemplified by a close conformity to the constitutions of the fraternity, by adhering to the ancient landmarks of the order, by never attempting to extort, or otherwise unduly obtain, the secrets of a superior degree, and by refraining to recommend anyone to a participation in our secrets, unless you have strong grounds to believe that by a similar fidelity he will ultimately reflect honour on your choice. Your obedience must be proved by a strict observance of our laws and regulations; by prompt attention to all signs and summonses; by modest and correct demeanour in the Lodge; by abstaining from every
Topic of religious and political discussion; by a ready acquiescence in all votes and resolutions duly passed by a majority of the Brethren; and by a perfect submission to the W.M. and his Wardens while acting in the discharge of their respected offices.
And as a last general recommendation, i exhort you to dedicate yourself to such pursuits as may enable you to continue respectable in life, useful to mankind, and an ornament to the society of which you have this day become a member. That you will more especially study such of the liberal arts and sciences as may lie within the compass of your attainment, and that, without neglecting the ordinary duties of your station, you will feel yourself called upon to make an advancement in Masonic knowledge.
From the very commendable attention you have given to this charge, I am led to hope that you will duly appreciate the value of Freemasonry, and indelibly imprint on your heart the sacred dictates of truth, of honour and of virtue.


Explanation of the first tracing board

The usages and customs among freemasons have ever born a near affinity to those of the Ancient Egyptians. Their philosophers, unwilling to expose their mysteries to vulgar eyes, concealed their particular tenets and principles of philosophy under heiroglyphical figures, and expressed their notions of government by signs and symbols, which were communicated to their priests or magi alone, who were bound by oath never to reveal them. Pythagoras seems to have established his system on a similar plan, and many more of a more recent date have copied his example. Masonry however is not only the most ancient, but the most honourable institution that ever existed; every character or emblem here depicted serves to inculcate the principles of peity and virtue.
Let me first direct your attention to the form of the Lodge, which is an oblong or parallelopipedon; in length from E. To W., in breadth between N. and S., in depth from the surface of the Earth to the centre, and even as high as the heavens. A Freemasons’ Lodge is described as being of such vast dimension to shew the universality of the science; likewise that a Freemasons charity should know no bounds save those of prudence.
Our Lodges stand on Holy Ground, because the first Lodge was consecrated on account of three grand offerings thereon made, which met with divine approbation (for illustration see 4th section 1st lecture).
Our Lodges are situated due E. And W., because all places of Divine worship, as well as Freemasons’ regular, well formed, duly constituted Lodges are, or ought to be, so situated; for which we assign three Masonic reasons. First, the sun, the glory of the lord, rises in the E. And sets in the W. Secondly, learning originated in the E., and thence spread its benign influence to the W.; there is likewise a Third, last, and granted reason, which however, is too long to be given here (see 4th section 1st lecture).
Our lodges are supported by three great pillars, which are called wisdom, strength and beauty.
Wisdom to contrive, strength to support, and beauty to adorn: Wisdom to conduct us all in out undertakings; strength to support us under all our difficulties, and beauty to adorn the inward man. (see 4th section 1st lecture).
These three great pillars are emblematical of those three divine attributes and further represent S.K. (Solomun King) of I. (Israel), H.K. of T (Hiram King of Tyre)., and H.A. (Hiram Abif.) Solomon, King of Israel. for his Wisdom in building, completing, and dedicating the Temple at Jerusalem to God's service; Hiram, King of Tyre, for his Strength in supporting him with men and material and Hiram Abif, for his curious a masterly workmanship in beautifying and adorning the same. But as we have no noble orders in Architecture known by the names of Wisdom Strength, and Beauty, we refer them to the three most celebrated, the Doric, Ionic, and Corinthian.
The covering of a Masonic Lodge is a celestial canopy of divers colours, even as the heavens. The way- by which we, as Masons, hope to arrive at it is by the assistance of a ladder, in Scripture called Jacob's ladder. (see 4th section 1st lecture).

It has many staves or rounds, which point out as many moral virtues, but three principal ones, Faith, Hope, and Charity: Faith in the Great Architect of the Universe, Hope in salvation, and to be in Charity with all men. (see 4th section 1st lecture).
This ladder, which reaches to the heavens, and rests on the Volume of the Sacred Law, because, by the doctrines contained in that Holy Book, we are taught to believe in the dispensations of Divine Providence, which belief strengthens our faith, and enables us to ascend the first step; this faith naturally creates in us a hope of becoming partakers of the blessed promises therein recorded, which hope enables us to ascend the second step; but the third and last being Charity, comprehends the :whole, and the Mason who is possessed of this virtue in its most ample sense, may justly be deemed to have attained the summit of his profession; figuratively speaking, an ethereal mansion, veiled from mortal eyes by the starry firmament, emblematically depicted in our Lodges by seven stars, which have an allusion to as many regularly made Masons, without which number no Lodge is perfect, neither can any candidate be legally initiated into the Order.
The interior of a Freemason's Lodge is composed of Ornaments, Furniture, and jewels. The ornaments of the Lodge are the Mosaic pavement, the blazing star, and the indented or tessellated border; the Mosaic pavement is the beautiful flooring of a Freemason's Lodge, the blazing star the glory in the centre, and the indented or tessellated border, the skirtwork round the same. (see 5th section 1st lecture).
The furniture consists of the Volume of the Sacred Law, the Compasses, and Square; the Sacred Writings are to rule and govern our faith. On them we obligate our Candidates for Freemasonry; so are the Compasses and Square, when united, to regulate our lives and actions. The Sacred Volume is derived from God to man in general, the Compasses belong to the Grand Master in particular, and the Square to the whole Craft.
Of the jewels, three are movable and three immovable. The movable jewels are the Square, the Level and the Plumb Rule. Among operative Masons the Square is to try and adjust rectangular corners of buildings and assist in bringing rude matter into due form; the Level to lay levels and prove horizontals; and the Plumb Rule to try and adjust uprights while fixing on their proper bases; they have likewise a moral tendency (see 5th section 1st lecture).
They are called movable jewels, because they are worn by the Master and his Wardens, and transferable to their successors on the night of Installation. The Master is distinguished by the Square, the Senior Wan by the Level, and the Junior Warden the Plumb Rule. The immovable jewels are the Tracing Board, the Rough and Perfect Ashlars. The Tracing Board for the Master to lay lines and draw designs on; the Rough Ashlar for Entered Apprentice to work, mark, and indent on; the Perfect Ashlar for the experienced Craftsman to try and adjust his jewels They are called immovable jewels, because they lie open and immovable in the Lodge for the Brethren to moralise upon. (see 5th section 1st lecture).
In all regular, well-formed, constituted Lodges, there is a point within a circle round which a Mason cannot err; this circle is bounded between North and South by two grand parallel lines, the one representing Moses, the other King Solomon; on the upper part of this circle rests the Volume of the Sacred Law, supporting Jacob's ladder, the top of which reaches to the heavens; and were we as conversant with that holy book, and as adherent to the doctrines therein contained, as both those parallels were, it would lead us to Him who will not deceive us, neither will He suffer deception.
In going round this circle, we must of necessity touch on both those parallel lines, likewise on the Volume of the Sacred Law; and while a Mason keeps himself thus circumscribed, he cannot err.
The word Lewis denotes strength, and is here depicted by certain pieces of metal dovetailed into a stone, which form a cramp, and enables the operative Mason to raise great weights to certain heights with little encumbrance, while fixing them on their proper bases. Lewis likewise denotes the son of a Mason; his duty is to bear the heat and burden of the day, from which his parents, by reason of their age, ought to be exempt; to help them in time of need, and thereby render the close of their days happy and comfortable; his privilege for so doing is to be made a Mason before any other person however dignified.
Pendent to the corners of the Lodge are four tassels, meant to remind us of the four cardinal virtues, namely: Temperance, Fortitude, Prudence, and Justice, the whole of which, tradition informs us, were constantly practiced by a great majority of our ancient Brethren. The distinguishing characteristics of a good Free Mason are Virtue, Honour, and Mercy, and should these be banished from all other societies may they ever be found in a Mason's breast.


Added by Anticultist:::Additonal online extra information for tracing board can be found here:

Ceremony of closing the lodge in the first degree

(W.M. sounds his g...l, which is answered by the S. And J. Wardens)
W.M.- Brethren, assist in closing the Lodge (all rise)
W.M.- Brother J.W., what is the constant care of the Freemason?
J.W. –To prove the Lodge close Tyled.
W.M.- Direct that duty to be done.
J.W.-Brother I.G.,prove the Lodge close T...d
IG (gives knocks of degree, and being answered by the T., advances with the sp. And sn.)- Brother J.W. the Lodge is close T...d
J.W. (Gives the knocks of degree, and shews sign)-W.M.,the Lodge is close T...d.
W.M.- Brother S.W., the next care?
S.W.- To see that the Brethren appear to order as Freemasons.
W.M.-To order, Brethren as Freemasons (the brethren stand to order as Freemasons)
W.M.-Brother S.W., your constant situation in the lodge?
S.W.- in the W., W.M.
W.M.-Why are you placed there?
S.W.- As the sun sets in the West to close the day, so is the S.W. placed in the West top close the lodge, by command of the W.M. having seen that every borther has had his due.
*hand written note: request the brethren to say prayer
W.M.- Brethren before the lodge is closed, let us with all reverence and humility express our gratitude to the great architect of the universe, for favours already received; may he continue to preserve the order, by cementing and adorning it with every moral and social virtue (so mote it be)
W.M.-Brother S.W., the labours of the evening being ended, you have my command to close the lodge (gives knocks of the degree with his left hand)
S.W.-Brethren in the name of T.G.A.O.T.U. and by command of the W.M., I close the lodge (Gives knocks of the degree, using his right hand and lays down his c...n.)
J.W.-And it is closed accordingly, until the.etc.,emergencies excepted, of which the brethren will have due notice.
(Gives the knocks of the degree which is repeated by the I.G. and T.)
I.P.M.- Brethren, nothing now remains but according to ancient custom, to lock our secrets in a safe repository (closes the volume of sacred law) uniting in the act Freemasons, Freemasons, Freemasons, may god preserve the craft.


Long Closing
You are now about to quit this safe retreat of peace and friendship, and to mix again with the busy world; amidst all its cares and employments, forget not those sacred duties which have been so frequently inculcated, and so strongly recommended in this Lodge: be ye therefore discreet, prudent and temperate; remember that at this pedestal you have solemnly and voluntarily vowed to relieve and befriend with unhesitating cordiality every brother who might need your assistance; that you have promised to remind him in the most gentle manner of his failings, and to aid and vindicate his character whenever wrongfully transduced; to suggest the most candid, the most palliating, and the most favourable circumstances, even when his conduct is justly liable to reprehension and blame; thus shall the world see how clearly Freemasons love each other. But my brethren, you are expected to extend these noble and generous sentiments still further: let me impress upon your minds, and may it be instilled upon your hearts,That every human creature has a just claim on your kind offices; I therefore trust that you will be good to all, more particularly do I recommend to your care the household of the faithful, that by diligence and fidelity in the duties of your respected vocations, liberal beneficence and diffusive charity, by constancy and sincerity in your friendships; a uniformly kind, just, amiable and virtuous deportment, prove to the world happy and beneficial effects of our ancient and honourable institution. Let it not be said that you laboured in vain nor wasted your strength for nought- for your work is before the lord, and your recompense is with god. Finally brethren be of one mind, live in peace and may the god of love and mercy delight to dwell amongst you, and bless you for evermore.

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