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Agent MattPosted: Feb 08, 2011 - 12:31

Genuine American Monster

Level: 70
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Make The World Your Banquet Starting With A Simmering Broth of Ambition

Imagine what it would be like to have anything you wanted and feel so passionate about what you're doing you know you are unstoppable,

What would you do knowing that all you had to do is work a simple plan and your deepest desires would be fulfilled?

If that doesn't interest you consider the opposite. You could live your life like a lot of people, based on excuses and never get what you really want. Instead you can just be getting by.... like everyone else.

The choice is yours.

On the one hand, I want you to get everything you want in life... yes, EVERYTHING.

On the other hand it's no skin off my teeth if you don't.

So, let me do what I'm good at.

Let me corner you, put a figurative gun to your head and get you to understand that when you do it right you can get anything you want.

The reason I wrote The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want is I got sick and tired of all the other self-help books who told you to "change your thinking and change your life" but they never told your HOW.

These books would drivel on and on about "The Secret" but never tell you how to implement it ( whatever "it" is ) into a practical day to day plan. They might encourage you to do something but they always give you a choice to not do it.

In The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want you will get a idiot proof process so devious, so well thought out, that the only way to NOT get what you want is to NOT read the book.

Because I'm the devious bastard that I am I wrote The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want as a carefully designed TRAP that will compel you to go after what you TRULY want.

What Are People Saying About The Book?

I got the book today.

I have medical school tonight so I've only had a chance to read a few pages about intention and Shakespeare. Good analogies on intention. You know I have 20 years of psychology and so I have to tell you, with what little I have read, I'm really digging the book. Keep up the good work. I will share your knowledge with my book club.

Barb M

The Forbidden Book of getting What You Want provides a road map of the direct route. Its practical tips, advice and exercises are based on proven scientific principles and, if followed, ensure arrival at your destination -- a place where you get what you want. More than that, it encourages you to take the journey. The book is literally life-changing. And as Martha Stewart might say, "That's a good thing.

Malcolm L. Kushner

I read a lot of books and I always recognize when one is of higher quality than others. That is when the book actually TEACHES you something you've never known before that is incredibly USEFUL and makes a big difference in your life!

The FORBIDDEN BOOK is an Excellent book which contain many powerful insights that really helped me in my life. I especially liked the part about BEING A FORCE OF NATURE.

Enoch Tan

By following The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want here is what you'll learn:

* How to arrange your life so that getting what you want is easy. (This is so common sense that you'll wonder why no one told this before.)
* How to motivate yourself so that nothing (yes, NOTHING) stops you. (Most people will pay any price just for this knowledge.)
* How to sharpen your intent so that you speed your way to your goals like a slippery watermelon seed squeezed between your fingers. (When you intend something it becomes a certainty. Imagine that power.)
* How to get what you want from others. (Why let anyone hold you back?)
* Why this book is forbidden. (There are a lot of reasons others don't want this information to get into your hands.)
* How to use pain and despair to keep yourself out of complacency. (If pain is what motivates you why not make it really painful?)
* Why most people are afraid to go after what they want. (Yes, believe it or not success scares the crap out of people because it means they have to accept responsibility for their life.)
* How to overcome your own fear and inertia. (So simple you will ask yourself "Why didn't I do this before?")
* How to become a force of nature. (Become the person that people will either follow or run away from. Nothing can stop a force of nature and nothing will stop you.)

This warning is provided to make you aware that The Forbidden Book Of Getting What You Want is a written as a TRAP to ensnare you into going after what you want like a shark ending a hunger strike.

Once you read it... you can't unread it.

Seriously, all the hype aside, the key to making this process work is based on a simple formula of motivation; that we are more easily motivated to move away from what we don't want than to go after what we do want.

With that simple formula, and an understandable process to follow, you *WILL* be able to get what you want.
Order it now for $24.95

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