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Forum - Correction Rules (READ BEFORE POSTING)

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Edward L WinstonPosted: Dec 10, 2009 - 00:08

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The rules for submitting corrections are fairly straight foward, and they are as follows:

1) Corrections means you correct an article/source/something incorrect, it doesn't mean insult me and expect that to be a real correction.
2) Correction implies you're correcting something, that means you need to take a statement and the source for that statement that I make, then you say why both myself and the source are wrong (or if I misinterpreted the source, then only why I'm wrong and why the source is different, or visa-versa).
3) Just because you're correcting me doesn't mean you're right. That is to say, just because you think you're right doesn't mean you are. Most people understand this, but some don't.

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