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Forum - A prediction for 2011 - a "transatlantic" collapse

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Olek_LPosted: Dec 31, 2010 - 18:24

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More weirdness from grypa666. This time one of the contributors predicts a financial collapse and encourages preparations for it. There's more in this blog entry, but I've translated only the beginning - the rest is mostly about Poland. I hope it's readable.
Source:<br /> My comments are in square brackets.
For some reason, this guy likes to use the word "transatlantic" as "worldwide"
Roman Kafel: Attention! Very serious situation.

The transatlantic financial crisis of the system of international usury City
(of London) - FED (USA) crossed the boundaries of safety. Something serious
is happening and it requires immediate intervetion by the relevant
governmental and non-governmental.

Probably immediately after the New Year we'll witness the financial collapse
and galloping inflation on a scale beyond the capacity of individual
countries - both in the United States and Europe.

The U.S. government headed by the president Obama either doesn't have any
opprtunities or ideas, or predisposition to an appropriate response and to
take appropriate radical decisions. Most likely he [Obama] will be removed
from the presidency on the basis of relevant and existing laws, due to
psychical inability and lack of competence to govern a country during the
crisis. Maintaing the state structures essential to survive the crisis will
be one of the most important tasks. Police, health care, transport services
and the supply of water and food.

Countries must be revamped and have to immediately make decisions eliminating
debt anchors by rejection of debts that caused the economic collapse on the
transatlantic scale. Poland found itself in this structure of Usury and has
to preserve position in this structure by performing the same emergency
actions that governments of USA and European countries will do. But

uniqueness of the situation causes that the people who will be able to make
right decisions and protect Poland should take care of it. In that time [of
crisis] everyone can count only themselves. I'm talking here about individual
countries. There won't be a possibility to move reserves from one country to
another - because such reserves will be only at disposal of individual
governments, and they'll only take care for their societies, 'cause they
don't posses sufficient quantities of this reserves. Much will depend on the
degree of self-organization of societies to protect the reserves the have -
especially the supplies of food, water and energy. An additional problem is,
that it'll happen to us at the time of exceptionally sever winter.

Many fear that, to divert attention from the real culprits, they' ll prepare
some big-scale provocation. It could be a terrorist attack, or even a war, or
epidemics, or social unrest, problems with supplies of electricity, fuel and
especially food!

I'd rather not mention this, but please watch closely the exchange indicators
[I've shortened this a bit]. It doesn't inspire optimism, it indicates that
the opeartions of powerful forces, hidden from people, are taking place.
Please pay attention to it, look for and put on your own blogs or portals
information that will help society prepare for the coming events without
causing the shock, thus avoiding the panic. To prepare the supply of products
like cereal, beans, fats, oils, sugar, and canned or desiccated food. I hope
it won't be really that burdensome, but it's better safe than sorry."

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Agent MattPosted: Dec 31, 2010 - 18:29

Genuine American Monster

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Last I checked, job growth in America was actually rising finally. But hey, that's not as sexy as DOOOOOOOM.

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JoePosted: Jan 01, 2011 - 11:39

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