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Forum - OMG Facebook, IPv6, Windows 8 are NWO tools!

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Olek_LPosted: Dec 12, 2010 - 08:10

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Just a part of blog entry from Polish CT blog. Translated by me, my comments are in square bracketss. It's apparently a part of an e-mail sent to the author. Source:</p>

They were strongly filtering the Internet yesterday. I'm glad that they hadn't close you down like many other sites. A little more and they'll change the addresing from IPv4 to IPv6 - what does it means to us? It means that every computer, TV set, phone, shelf stereo will have an unique IP address. Wherever you will be, it will be accompanied by the same address. Two words: full control! And the results. For example, an ability to blocking the possibility of turning your computer off or playing Solitaire, and all the windows, that you can click on the screen, could be blocked. And don't even try to disconnect the computer from the network or the law will'be against you! Paranoia is coming! He second thing: watch out for all the services saving files on the Web. I mean Microsoft, Apple, and their technologies that allow acces to the data 24 hours per day. It's also under the guise of security that equals surveillance. Then there are algorithms, that will block or destroy the works containing selected keywords. Such a filter like in the Auschwitz camps, when the inmate sent a letter to family: he could only write that that he does not lack anything, the rest was crossed out. Attention: they're going to release Windows 8, don't install this crap,[next part barely makes sense in Polish, no mistranslation here] it is even more manipulated system that will be released. Half of system files will be downloaded from the Internet - and thus the ability to control the user's actions. Be very careful! Take a look at Facebook. A giant database, where people put their personal data! And all the data! Now they are slowly introducing promotions, which can only be benefited from if you are logged on Facebook. Paranoia, another giant system that doesn't allow us the possibility of choice but through this portal [doesn't make any more sense in Polish], another restriction to people will begin. You couldn't buy anything unless you have Facebook account. This is a warning, not a pride, that you have this account [ditto]. It's best to delete accounts from all the portals. I assure you, there is no such thing as security on the Web, you are continously being watched, there are possibilites to check what, when, from what place, what were you doing!

[The author is replying].
Piotr Bein: That Facebook spies pushes to something, I warned on the forum long ago."

I've mentioned Bein on this forum around Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash. He is some washed-up, delusional civil engineer living in Canada. He started the blog around the swine flu outbreak ("grypa" in the URL is Polish for "flu") and he apparently believes in all possible conspiracy theories (he's vehemetly antisemtic, too). I'm pretty rarely visiting his blog, as his entries are delusional, long ass, unreadable rantings.
And BTW, contrary to what Matt once wrote based on the site's URL, this guy is not a teenager:

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The Real RoxettePosted: Dec 12, 2010 - 11:14

There ARE more sluts in public schools. Shut up and let me explain.

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The worst part is IPv6 will empower them to get their message to more people, because it will allow more devices to access the Internet. Furthermore, the reason web sites stop working isn't because they're being "filtered" it's because too many people use them, or like in our case someone who doesn't like us is DDoSing.

Is there a better term to describe this person than "fucking idiot"?

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Agent MattPosted: Dec 12, 2010 - 12:03

Genuine American Monster

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"Is there a better term to describe this person than "fucking idiot"?"

Of course: loving idiot.

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The Real RoxettePosted: Dec 12, 2010 - 13:20

There ARE more sluts in public schools. Shut up and let me explain.

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Fucking loving idiot.

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