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Forum - Colbert Debuts New Palin-Inspired Opening Credits

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Agent MattPosted: Nov 17, 2010 - 10:56

Genuine American Monster

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Stephen Colbert is a big fan of former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's new reality TV show, Sarah Palin's Alaska.

After rolling the show's opening credits last night, Colbert said, "Let me just say that after that, my Bering Strait just got a litte Bering straighter. And yes, you can see Russia from it."

The show's rugged intro -- which shows the Palins hunting, fishing and logging -- also had Colbert feeling a little self-conscious about his own show's opening credits.

So Colbert decided to wear a 5 o'clock shadow and premiere the new credits for Stephen Colbert's Report, showing him punching a fish, blowing up a mountainside and machine-gunning down a tree.

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Edward L WinstonPosted: Nov 17, 2010 - 13:15

President Dwayne Elizondo Mountain Dew Herbert Camacho: porn star and five-time ultimate smackdown wrestling champion!

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I saw her show a little bit, the entire family is obnoxious as hell.

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