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sorryPosted: Sep 22, 2010 - 21:43

Level: 12
CS Original

Here is my cheat sheet. If you find an error (there are a few) or see a new question, go ahead and comment about it.

TZM Quiz Answers

In the view of the movement, technological tools are considered:
X Extensions of the human being's performance
Attributes of progress
Destructive to the environment
Neutral to the labor market

Who made the following statement: "Greed and Competition are not the result of immutable human temperament…greed and fear of scarcity are in fact being continuously created and amplified as a direct result of the kind of money we are using... We can produce more than enough food to feed everybody...but there is clearly not enough money to pay for it all. The scarcity is in our national currencies. In fact, the job of the central banks is to create and maintain that currency scarcity. The direct consequence is that we have to fight with each other in order to survive."
Milton Friedman
John Maynard Keynes
Jacque Fresco
X Bernard Lietaer

The role of people in a monetary system can be broken into the following categories:
X Employee, Consumer, Employer
Laborer, Investor, Producer
Owner, Slave, Executioner
Wage Earner, Corporation, Investor

The most basic fundamental building blocks of human/social survival are:
X Energy, raw materials, food/air/water
Energy, education, social capital
Raw materials, labor, education
God, money, flags

Based on current studies, increased income inequality is linked to:
Increased social capital
X Increased crime
Decreased vanity
Decreased consumption

The Venus Project, as an idea in its most simplistic form, represents:
The application of collectivism for social operation
A socialist solution to environmental and social problems
A technocracy based method of global Management
X The application of the scientific method for social concern

It is suggested that an efficient housing structure of the future be made of:
Glass and steel
Wood frames
X Pre-stressed concrete
Steel and heat concentrators

When it comes to the financial system, the movement, in the long term, advocates:
financial reform by way of removing Central Banks
X the removal of money itself as a means of exchange
removal of interest
going back to a gold or silver standard

Most "crimes" in the world are a consequence of:
Genetic dispositions
X Monetary deprivation
Social misunderstanding

In the process of transitioning to a RBE, which is the most important first step:
Survey social needs
Optimize production/distribution methods
X Survey the planetary resources
Automate labor

The entire global market system is most dependent on the following attribute to sustain economic growth:
Money creation
X Cyclical consumption
Interest rates

A resource-based economy is best defined as:
A NWO trick to reduce the population
X A social system designed to manage resources, automate production/distribution and remove money and trade
A theory dealing with energy distribution through credits
A social system based on no money, with a strict, equal amount of resources given to citizens

In the view of the movement, the incentive to acquire money results in:
X Corruption more than contributions to social progress
Social progress and creativity
Stock market manipulation
Material progress but spiritual distortion

When social values are not in tandem with progressive technological changes, this is termed:
X Culture lag
Traditional paralysis
Luddite demeanor
Traditional flux

In a resource-based economy, scarcity will be overcome through:
Substitutions, energy certificates
Renewable energies and mandatory labor
X Technological ingenuity, substitutions, waste reduction & conservation
Legal limits on consumption and waste reduction

Virtually all money in the American economy and most economies in the world is generated:
X Out of debt, through loans
Out of a gold standard
By government request
Out of a silver standard

What is the main, core reason why the Venus Project's resource-based economy is needed?
Social values are too distorted and need renovation.
X Our current system is simply unsustainable.
Money will result is growing elitism and stratification.
Poverty is growing exponentially.

Which term below best completes the following statement: "Profit based shortcuts in production, coupled with the deliberate withholding of efficiency in the creation of a given product, is known as _________."
Production corruption
X Planned obsolescence
Product duplication protocol
Marketing magnification

Abundance, sustainability and efficiency are ________.
impossible in a world bound by natural law.
ideal attributes of a socialistic society.
required for survival in a monetary system.
X the enemies of profit.

In regard to religious traditions in a resource-based economy:
X Everyone is free to practice.
It is regulated through a “free speech agency.”
It is outlawed.
It is mandatory to worship the sun god Horus.

40% of the annual deaths worldwide are caused by:
Disease and malnutrition
War, poverty and genocide
X Water, air and soil pollution
GMO foods

In a resource-based economy, what kind of theory best describes the total approach to Earth management?
Nonlinear dynamics
X Systems

The basic approach to reducing aberrant human behavior in a resource-based economy is:
Reeducation through mandatory schools
Creating community counsels for treatment
Full frontal lobotomies
X Adjusting the environment so such motivations do not materialize

In order to relieve land based population pressures, a RBE would:
Build 4 mile high buildings
Move into outer space
X Extend to cities in the sea
Have a one child policy

When considering a transition from the current society to a resource-based economy, the most important initial issue is:
X Governmental action
Renewable energies
Ethical outreach

In a resource-based economy the resources of the planet are deemed:
Universally related by systems theory
Tools for social creation
X Common heritage of all the world's people
Expressions of symbiotic relationships

The essential role of the Interdisciplinary Teams in a resource-based economy is:
X To manage society's technical operations
To serve as the power establishment
To control the world
To keep the AI system up to date

Advanced maglev technology is documented to use:
Less than 5% of the energy for plane travel
X Less than 2% of the energy for plane travel
Less than 20% of the energy for plane travel
Less than 1% of the energy for plane travel

A key attribute in city design within a resource-based economy is:
Embedding all energy harnessing within
Making transport integrated, reducing automobiles
Growing all food locally, when possible
X All of the above

Who made the following statement: "The role of humans as the most important factor of production is bound to diminish in the same way that the role of horses in agricultural production was first diminished and then eliminated by the introduction of tractors."
Albert Einstein
Buckminster Fuller
Roxanne Meadows
X Wassily Leontief

Which technology will likely make the commercial airplane obsolete?
Lightwave auto-tram
Human teleport
X Maglev trains

From the view of the Movement, the monetary system is basically:
A tool of plutocracy
In need of reform
X Obsolete

A central demand of the scientific method is:
Empirical Referents
X Experimentation

Without a monetary system, which of the following will likely no longer exist?
X Planned obsolescence
High quality goods

The true threats to humanity are:
Oligarchs and Money
X Those common to every human being

Which set of alternative energies is TZM/VP most interested in?
Solar, wind, biomass, tidal, wave
Solar, clean coal, wind, geothermal
Biomass, solar, tidal, wave
X Solar, wave, wind, geothermal, tidal

A true democracy is:
A mythological idea
The election of the best person for the job
Dependent on ethics and culture
X The election of ideas themselves

What is the basic safeguard against abuse in a resource-based economy?
Everyone is microchipped and tracked.
X Once the need for money is surpassed, there will be little inherent reward in abuse.
People will be reeducated if they do not comply.
Genetic modification

A central problem(s) with the monetary system is that:
Problems and scarcity equals profit.
Many forms of labor have no value to true social contributions.
The incentive for money leads to corruption.
X All of the above

The free market system has a natural propensity for:
X Monopoly and cartel
Division of labor
Equality and balance
Civil unrest

The true motivation for the act of War is:
Revenge - industrial profit - spreading of ideologies
X Industrial profit - resource acquisition - geopolitical alignment
Resource acquisition - spreading of ideologies - geopolitical alignment
Dispute resolution - spreading of ideologies - industrial profit

Which form of energy has been denoted by MIT to have a potential of 2000 ZJ of power?
X Geothermal

The boom and bust cycle of an economy is caused essentially by:
X The amount of money entering and leaving the economy's money supply
Loss of jobs
Interest rate fluctuation
Inflation and depreciation

Social design must be most directly correlated to:
The state of population growth
The opinions of the population
X The carrying capacity of the Earth
The rate of technological change

Which of the following is most responsible for large social changes:
Elections of competent people
Protest movements
X Biosocial pressures

A resource-based economy, by definition, would need to be:
X Global
Free of crime
A circular city

In J. Fresco's circular city design, the outer perimeter is the:
Residential belt
Agricultural belt
Production belt
X Recreational belt

In the view of the movement, today's legal system is best described as:
An ideological dead end
A system of monetary rule
A failed idea
X Patchwork—not addressing root causes

Based on the history of mechanization, it is axiomatic to say that:
Mechanization is more productive than human labor overall
Mechanization can free humanity from stressful labor
Mechanization can be the “emancipation proclamation for human kind”
X All of the above

Dynamic equilibrium occurs when:
X Two or more opposing process proceed at the same rate.
Balances occur between similar processes
Homeostasis is achieved
Systems theory is applied

In the America economy (and most others), there is always more outstanding debt than money in existence. This is largely due to:
Boom and bust cycle
Constant contraction
X Interest charged for loans
Fiat basis of money

The progression of technology appears to be growing at a:
Linear rate
Exponential rate
X Geometric rate
All of the above

The idea/necessity of "property" comes from:
X Scarcity

True security comes from:
Shared values
Police and prisons
X Solving social problems
Economic balance

Technological unemployment is defined as:
X Displacement of human labor by machines
Displacement of human labor by systems theory
Displacement of human labor by failed technological systems
Displacement of human labor by androids

The human being's value systems and information-based ideas are shaped most dominantly by:
X Culture

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The Burger KingPosted: Sep 23, 2010 - 03:02

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Level: 5
CS Original

aaron can you post the materials one should be looking at to find the answers to these questions?

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sorryPosted: Sep 23, 2010 - 04:44

Level: 12
CS Original

The quiz page lists the sources for the answers.

It seems like they've added a few questions recently. Namely,

The fundamental requirement for sustainability on this planet is:

The intelligent management of the earth's resources
Ethical distribution of goods
Universal educational
Using science for social design

The combination of machine and computer intelligence could be termed:


And probably more. I'm no longer interested in looking up the answers, so give it a shot if you want.

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The Burger KingPosted: Sep 23, 2010 - 05:24

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Level: 5
CS Original

Got it and pasted it on here so people don't have to go onto the really slow TZM server to get it.

List of study guide to TZM questions below <--- The Zeitgeist Movement Orientation Guide PDF <--- The Venus Project's "Designing The Future" PDF and <-- #Where Are We Going? Lecture Part 1 and Part 2 <-- # TVP/ZM Questions & Answers on the website

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