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Author: Clock (Show other entries)
Date: Sep 03, 2013 at 16:08

By Clock (with contributions by member The Burger King)


Edward L. Winston
also known as President Camacho and Special Ed.

Current Status: semi-Retired

Basic Info He's the creator of the website. After being constantly pestered and pestered from members of the Conspiracy Science Facebook, he finally opened the website, known as When it was first opened, it was entirely dedicated to the debunking of the first Zeitgeist movie. After many, many changes, he made Skeptic Project into a full blown community, by adding a forum, Facebook and other social media pages. He isn't around much anymore sadly, but you can catch him around once in awhile if you're lucky.


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Debunking Style:
Generally includes having a variety of sources at hand in order to prove that the conspiracy believer or theorist is wrong. He will be nice if you are nice to him. Usually, conspiracy theorists tend to insult him which leads to an insult by Edwart to the CT. Lax rules in terms of socializing, and has high standards in order to prove his claims.

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Hence, why he has 150 points.

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Famous Last Words

It's been approximately a little over a year since I hung up my debunking hat and put on my full-time dad hat, so it seems a little overdue to post on my Facebook that I'm done. I did manage to meet some really cool people, hopefully taught a few people a few things, and most importantly learned a few things myself, but being active in the skeptic community just isn't for me. Though I obviously am still an atheist, still a skeptic, and still a freethinker.

Even after I went inactive on Conspiracy Science (now called Skeptic Project) I received many emails and Facebook messages -- that is up until about 6 months ago, and I've rarely received anything since. Furthermore I've noticed a general drop in so many jumping on the conspiracy bandwagon as they did with Zeitgeist. Films like Thrive have come out, but it all seems like the bubble has burst and it's all crowd preaching now.

I do want everyone to know that while I have absolutely no use for Facebook -- perhaps I'm too old or too boring -- I am still available at my email: and am willing to discuss any topic at hand or answer any questions you may have, whether or not it's related to skeptical inquiry.

I don't plan on writing any more articles in the near future, but if I do, they will be for Skeptic Project, on my own terms, and on my own free time. I see absolutely no circumstance where I can be involved in the skeptic community full time as some of my more famous peers have been. I don't really feel like anything that's a hobby should make one feel obligated, and that's all the skeptic community really has ever made me feel -- there's a general atmosphere that once one has debunked one thing, one must keep the ball rolling indefinitely and debunk the world.

As I stated before, this is way overdue so I imagine this is a surprise to no one, but I felt like I should at least officially say something because I still sporadically get emails about when my next article will be released.

I realize this looks like a suicide note, but rest assured, you can email me any time and I'll respond as soon as I get a chance.

It's been great guys.

-Edward L. Winston