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LorexLucienPosted: Oct 23, 2011 - 22:05

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kammy216(02:50:16 (UTC)):Hi
kammy216(02:54:29 (UTC)):Hi
reaper06221986(03:00:14 (UTC)):hey whats up sorry about not responding i was trimming the bushes
kammy216(03:01:08 (UTC)):Thats ok not much is up
reaper06221986(03:01:17 (UTC)):ah ok then, so whos this?
kammy216(03:02:16 (UTC)):Kay
reaper06221986(03:02:28 (UTC)):oh hey kay, how did the operation go?
kammy216(03:06:55 (UTC)):Quite well i was out for a few days but im great now
reaper06221986(03:08:38 (UTC)):but thats good then, are you doing ok?
reaper06221986(03:08:57 (UTC)):no side effects from the operation i presume?
kammy216(03:11:02 (UTC)):Im fine
reaper06221986(03:12:54 (UTC)):thats good then, anything youve noticed thats different since the operation?
kammy216(03:16:11 (UTC)):I have a new scar
kammy216(03:16:27 (UTC)):Im smarter
reaper06221986(03:16:57 (UTC)):lol, well thats an obvious, i meant things like your perception

kammy216(03:21:18 (UTC)):Nothin different
reaper06221986(03:21:36 (UTC)):ah ok
kammy216(03:24:35 (UTC)):Or at least nothing i noticed
reaper06221986(03:24:58 (UTC)):well thats good, what have you been doing since the operation?
kammy216(03:29:08 (UTC)):Resting
reaper06221986(03:29:21 (UTC)):yah... well im glad you are alright
kammy216(03:33:06 (UTC)):Thank you for your concern
kammy216(03:33:49 (UTC)):Would you be sad if I died?
reaper06221986(03:34:29 (UTC)):idk really, we didnt get too close so its hard to say
kammy216(03:36:57 (UTC)):Awwww that makes me sad
reaper06221986(03:38:16 (UTC)):sorry, but i am really honest about these things, i mean i would be sad that i wouldnt be able to get to know you more, but i cant say something that isnt true for me?
kammy216(03:40:42 (UTC)):True enough
reaper06221986(03:41:14 (UTC)):yah, sorry that i hurt your feelings though
kammy216(03:43:39 (UTC)):Thats okay
reaper06221986(03:43:54 (UTC)):do you like me at all?
kammy216(03:45:01 (UTC)):I kinda do
reaper06221986(03:45:25 (UTC)):oh, so you have a crush on me then?

kammy216(03:47:13 (UTC)):Sorta
reaper06221986(03:47:23 (UTC)):ah ok, what do you like about me?
kammy216(03:51:38 (UTC)):Your really nice and down to earth
reaper06221986(03:51:58 (UTC)):nice to hear then, sorry about what i said about your mom though...
kammy216(03:54:37 (UTC)):i forgive you. i dont even remember what you said about her
reaper06221986(03:55:48 (UTC)):oh ok, well your dad told yah what happened right?
kammy216(03:58:34 (UTC)):She died when the earthquake happened
reaper06221986(03:58:57 (UTC)):ah ok, just wondering, so um... what do you wanna chat about right now?
kammy216(04:00:44 (UTC)):Anything
reaper06221986(04:01:48 (UTC)):ah ok, well i was kinda wondering but are you a virgin and are you very sexual?
kammy216(04:04:17 (UTC)):Im a virgin and i can be sexual
reaper06221986(04:04:34 (UTC)):oh ok, in what way are you sexual normally?
kammy216(04:06:32 (UTC)):I haue to go

reaper06221986(02:15:49 (UTC)):hey there whos this?
lee18thex(02:18:04 (UTC)):heya
lee18thex(02:18:06 (UTC)):its me
lee18thex(02:18:09 (UTC)):kay
reaper06221986(02:18:21 (UTC)):hey kay how yah been doing?
lee18thex(02:18:34 (UTC)):good you?
reaper06221986(02:19:17 (UTC)):same here, just doing yard work so yah
lee18thex(02:19:29 (UTC)):cool
lee18thex(02:19:32 (UTC)):you okay?
reaper06221986(02:19:48 (UTC)):yah im ok why do yah ask?
lee18thex(02:20:02 (UTC)):just asking
reaper06221986(02:22:17 (UTC)):ah ok, so how have you been doing btw? anything new going on?
lee18thex(02:23:15 (UTC)):good
lee18thex(02:23:18 (UTC)):got a hob
lee18thex(02:23:20 (UTC)):job
reaper06221986(02:23:31 (UTC)):nice then, what job did yah get?
lee18thex(02:24:30 (UTC)):cvs pharmacy
reaper06221986(02:25:08 (UTC)):nice then, so hey im gonna go finish the yard work but ill bbl in about 15min-30min, you gonna still be here?
lee18thex(02:25:26 (UTC)):i think so
reaper06221986(02:25:35 (UTC)):alrighty

reaper06221986(03:02:49 (UTC)):hey im back
lee18thex(03:03:14 (UTC)):hey
lee18thex(03:03:16 (UTC)):welcome back
reaper06221986(03:03:27 (UTC)):yah hey i was wonddering are you bisexual?
reaper06221986(03:04:51 (UTC)):lol, yah dont have to answer if yah dont want to
reaper06221986(03:05:05 (UTC)):i was just asking because a lot of girls i meet over this seem to be bisexual
lee18thex(03:05:37 (UTC)):i dunno
lee18thex(03:05:47 (UTC)):i never been with a girl or anything
reaper06221986(03:06:08 (UTC)):well are you physically attracted to girls?
lee18thex(03:06:14 (UTC)):dunno
reaper06221986(03:06:37 (UTC)):ah ok, hey you've seen pics of me right?
lee18thex(03:09:20 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(03:09:33 (UTC)):ah ok and what do you about how i look?
lee18thex(03:10:47 (UTC)):huh?
reaper06221986(03:11:06 (UTC)):lol, i mean do you think im attractive, good looking, someone ud go out with?
lee18thex(03:14:13 (UTC)):i guess
reaper06221986(03:14:25 (UTC)):i hope im not making you nervous
lee18thex(03:14:38 (UTC)):kinda
lee18thex(03:14:53 (UTC)):i have to hang out with you first before i decide if i want to date you or not
reaper06221986(03:15:09 (UTC)):ah ok then lol, so what do you wanna know about me?
lee18thex(03:15:26 (UTC)):i know all i want to know about you
reaper06221986(03:15:48 (UTC)):ah ok lol, and do you like my personality?
lee18thex(03:17:54 (UTC)):i like it
reaper06221986(03:18:17 (UTC)):ah ok lol, hey i was wondering but do you like star wars?
lee18thex(03:19:43 (UTC)):so far
lee18thex(03:19:55 (UTC)):i've only seen the first and second one
reaper06221986(03:20:21 (UTC)):ah ok, well think yah might wanna check out a new video game being based on the old republic timeline?
reaper06221986(03:20:35 (UTC)):its an mmo like WoW but its story based
lee18thex(03:20:55 (UTC)):dunno whats that about
lee18thex(03:21:01 (UTC)):dunno what this WoW thing is

lee18thex(03:21:33 (UTC)):I like Qui Gon Jin, Obi Wan, Mace Windu
reaper06221986(03:21:35 (UTC)):well you know what an mmo is right?
lee18thex(03:21:39 (UTC)):nope
reaper06221986(03:21:48 (UTC)):ah ok, well check out this game here:
lee18thex(03:25:41 (UTC)):looks cool
lee18thex(03:25:45 (UTC)):who do you play as?
lee18thex(03:25:54 (UTC)):what's the object of the game?
reaper06221986(03:26:43 (UTC)):you create your own character actually and the object of the game is to engage in an online gaming community, mold your own epic storyline and interact with friends throughout
reaper06221986(03:26:56 (UTC)):do you wanna play the game with me cause im getting it when it comes out
lee18thex(03:27:03 (UTC)):how do you win?
lee18thex(03:27:18 (UTC)):sure
lee18thex(03:27:53 (UTC)):can i play as qui gon jin?
lee18thex(03:28:07 (UTC)):i fell in love with his character before they killed him off
lee18thex(03:28:11 (UTC)):then i was sad
reaper06221986(03:29:01 (UTC)):lol, well i guess you "win" when the story is over but after youve completed your particular set of stories you can continue the game even more by doing flash points (dungeons) and continuing to explore added content
reaper06221986(03:29:14 (UTC)):and its like i said, you can "create" your own character
reaper06221986(03:29:48 (UTC)):but you cant play as qui gon jin, but you might be able to mold your character as his ancestor or something like that
lee18thex(03:30:09 (UTC)):interesting
lee18thex(03:30:27 (UTC)):sorry i never played computer games
reaper06221986(03:30:58 (UTC)):its ok lol, it does get kinda confusing, here let me give you the link that details the different classes so you can choose which one yah want and ill play with yah for when it comes out
reaper06221986(03:31:08 (UTC)):
lee18thex(03:33:33 (UTC)):i'd rather wait
lee18thex(03:33:40 (UTC)):then on the game you can teach me
reaper06221986(03:33:55 (UTC)):lol, well that or i can share my account with yah if you want
reaper06221986(03:34:03 (UTC)):so you can see if yah wanna buy it
lee18thex(03:34:56 (UTC)):i wanna be a jedi
lee18thex(03:35:03 (UTC)):and ok
reaper06221986(03:35:26 (UTC)):same here lol, im probably gonna be a jedi consular since ive always been attracted to the whole mystical warrior thing
lee18thex(03:35:46 (UTC)):cool cool
reaper06221986(03:37:15 (UTC)):yah, although i was thinking about also becoming a sith as well, what do you wanna become on the imperial side?

lee18thex(03:37:44 (UTC)):i just want to be a jedi
reaper06221986(03:38:04 (UTC)):oh you dont wanna try any of the others?
lee18thex(03:38:11 (UTC)):dunno
reaper06221986(03:38:21 (UTC)):and which one do you wanna try? jedi knight or jedi consular
lee18thex(03:38:21 (UTC)):i dont know if id be good at any other
lee18thex(03:38:27 (UTC)):knight i guess
reaper06221986(03:38:32 (UTC)):cool then lol
lee18thex(03:39:36 (UTC)):yup
reaper06221986(03:40:01 (UTC)):yah, hey i was wonderingg but i dont think i got some pics of yah, can yah send some to me?
lee18thex(03:40:43 (UTC)):i sent you a picture of me....
reaper06221986(03:40:53 (UTC)):you mean previously?
reaper06221986(03:41:06 (UTC)):or just now?
lee18thex(03:43:39 (UTC)):previously
reaper06221986(03:43:52 (UTC)):ah ok, well i cant seem to find it
lee18thex(03:45:36 (UTC)):odd
reaper06221986(04:00:03 (UTC)):yah, think yah can send em again?
lee18thex(04:00:45 (UTC)):no
reaper06221986(04:00:54 (UTC)):how come?
lee18thex(04:01:17 (UTC)):i dont have it anymore either
reaper06221986(04:01:29 (UTC)):oh think you can make another one then?
lee18thex(04:02:17 (UTC)):i guess
reaper06221986(04:02:24 (UTC)):is something wrong?
lee18thex(04:02:34 (UTC)):dunno
reaper06221986(04:02:50 (UTC)):you sure?
lee18thex(04:03:12 (UTC)):yup
reaper06221986(04:03:32 (UTC)):alrighty lol, so what yah wanna chat about?

reaper06221986(04:25:53 (UTC)):still there?
lee18thex(04:26:27 (UTC)):mhm
lee18thex(04:26:30 (UTC)):just thinkin
reaper06221986(04:26:37 (UTC)):about what?
lee18thex(04:27:52 (UTC)):somethin to talk about
reaper06221986(04:28:33 (UTC)):well i was wondering but if we ever met would you be shy?
reaper06221986(04:33:36 (UTC)):kay?
lee18thex(04:34:20 (UTC)):idk
reaper06221986(04:34:35 (UTC)):well, would you want me meet me sometime?
lee18thex(04:35:25 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(04:35:57 (UTC)):ah ok, and what would you wanna do when we meet? would you wanna go out on a couple of dates or just hang out as friends?
reaper06221986(04:35:59 (UTC)):or both?
lee18thex(04:36:15 (UTC)):hang out as friends
reaper06221986(04:37:17 (UTC)):oh ok, how come yah wouldnt wanna go out?
lee18thex(04:37:38 (UTC)):not til i am ready
reaper06221986(04:37:52 (UTC)):oh ok, not too sure if yah wanna date me and whatnot
lee18thex(04:54:49 (UTC)):yup
reaper06221986(04:55:00 (UTC)):ah ok, are you busy?
lee18thex(04:57:24 (UTC)):no
reaper06221986(04:57:38 (UTC)):ah ok, you seem to be taking a long time to respond
lee18thex(05:01:08 (UTC)):sorry
lee18thex(05:01:11 (UTC)):distracted
lee18thex(05:01:13 (UTC)):add
lee18thex(05:01:15 (UTC)):no
lee18thex(05:01:18 (UTC)):just
lee18thex(05:01:20 (UTC)):idk
reaper06221986(05:01:50 (UTC)):its ok no need to apologize, are you sure you dont want me to let you go?
lee18thex(05:02:02 (UTC)):yeah yeah need sleep
reaper06221986(05:02:16 (UTC)):alrighty, ill ttyl beautiful
reaper06221986(05:02:22 (UTC))::-*

reaper06221986(03:37:21 (UTC)):hey there, who is this?
kammy216(03:37:33 (UTC)):kamy
reaper06221986(03:37:44 (UTC)):hey kameko, how are things?
kammy216(03:37:57 (UTC)):pritty good
reaper06221986(03:38:05 (UTC)):thats good to hear
kammy216(03:38:10 (UTC)):and you
kammy216(03:38:42 (UTC)):they were finally able to dig my husband out now we can have the funeral
reaper06221986(03:39:06 (UTC)):oh wow thats good to know then, i suppose your still hurt over your loss
kammy216(03:39:12 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(03:39:34 (UTC)):is there anything i can do to help you heal?
kammy216(03:39:53 (UTC)):i dunno
kammy216(03:40:01 (UTC)):what can you do?
reaper06221986(03:40:34 (UTC)):lol, idk thats why i ask, i mean short of being there for yah to chat with in case you need someone to vent to, i cant do much over the internet
reaper06221986(03:40:44 (UTC)):now if yah were to move to sacramento i could do a lot more
kammy216(03:40:58 (UTC)):heh i gotta raise my son
reaper06221986(03:41:20 (UTC)):lol, well who said your son couldnt move with yah? lol jk
reaper06221986(03:41:33 (UTC)):but nah seriously, i cant do much over the internet, but i will do what i can
kammy216(03:41:46 (UTC)):i like talking to you
reaper06221986(03:42:00 (UTC)):yah, same here as well...
kammy216(03:42:19 (UTC)):cool
reaper06221986(03:42:38 (UTC)):yah.... so what yah wanna chat about for right now?
kammy216(03:42:47 (UTC)):i dont know whats new
reaper06221986(03:43:32 (UTC)):well i got into posession of some very powerful research software, met my brother after years of separation and im more active in the zeitgeist movement
kammy216(03:43:46 (UTC)):cool cool
kammy216(03:44:28 (UTC)):how do you tell like somebody that their account is hacked
kammy216(03:44:35 (UTC)):cause a friend of mine had her account hacked
kammy216(03:44:39 (UTC)):and i want her back
reaper06221986(03:45:04 (UTC)):what account was hacked?
kammy216(03:45:15 (UTC)):my friends yahoo messenger account
kammy216(03:45:24 (UTC)):want her screen name?

reaper06221986(03:45:39 (UTC)):how did she get hacked? and sure
kammy216(03:45:50 (UTC)):i dont know how
kammy216(03:45:56 (UTC)):and it's glovedfemale
reaper06221986(03:46:47 (UTC)):alrighty added her
kammy216(03:47:04 (UTC)):she's kinda weird and you might not like her
reaper06221986(03:47:44 (UTC)):i think i know whats going on though, its probably one of those phishing e-mails that say "you got hacked" when in reality its someone trying to trick you into giving access of your account to them
kammy216(03:47:58 (UTC)):i see
reaper06221986(03:48:29 (UTC)):so what do you mean by weird?
kammy216(03:49:11 (UTC)):she likes furries and stuff
reaper06221986(03:49:27 (UTC)):well i dont mind if a girl is into furries lol
kammy216(03:49:58 (UTC)):i see
reaper06221986(03:50:15 (UTC)):but in what context does she like furries?
kammy216(03:50:49 (UTC)):alot and loves alot of sexual activity
kammy216(03:51:01 (UTC)):she's a good person in the end
reaper06221986(03:51:21 (UTC)):lol, thats good to know then at least, is she into cybering a lot though?
kammy216(03:51:30 (UTC)):only if your a furry
reaper06221986(03:51:40 (UTC)):lol, so shes into roleplaying?
kammy216(03:52:04 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(03:52:21 (UTC)):ah ok so roleplaying sex lol, i dont mind doing that kind of stuff
reaper06221986(03:54:04 (UTC)):sorry if im asking these questions really, im actually pretty horny and have been horny like all day, i just havent masturbated at all
kammy216(03:54:55 (UTC)):awww
kammy216(03:55:18 (UTC)):go masturbate
reaper06221986(03:55:56 (UTC)):nah im fine lol... and tbh i was actually kinda hoping you might be in the mood to cyber
reaper06221986(03:56:17 (UTC)):lol, but since you are probably not in the mood ill wait
kammy216(03:56:19 (UTC)):i dont cyber anymore
reaper06221986(03:56:27 (UTC)):how come?
kammy216(03:56:41 (UTC)):just doesnt turn me on anymore
reaper06221986(03:57:03 (UTC)):have you tried it recently?
kammy216(03:57:16 (UTC)):yep
reaper06221986(03:57:24 (UTC)):with who?

kammy216(03:57:40 (UTC)):nonya
reaper06221986(03:58:20 (UTC)):lol, why dont yah tell me cause i think i might know why
kammy216(03:58:29 (UTC)):???
reaper06221986(03:58:42 (UTC)):well i cant be for sure until yah tell me
kammy216(03:58:51 (UTC)):you tell me
reaper06221986(03:59:08 (UTC)):lol, well i think it might be because of you lacking feelings for the person
kammy216(03:59:50 (UTC)):nah
reaper06221986(04:00:36 (UTC)):why do yah say that?
kammy216(04:01:04 (UTC)):i like em
reaper06221986(04:01:14 (UTC)):lol and who is it?
kammy216(04:01:51 (UTC)):your mom
reaper06221986(04:02:05 (UTC)):ok fine lol... ill stop asking
reaper06221986(04:03:04 (UTC)):yah know, im a bit sad now because all this time for the past three days i was hoping to be able to cyber with yah
reaper06221986(04:03:10 (UTC))::(
kammy216(04:03:14 (UTC)):sorry
kammy216(04:03:18 (UTC)):hug
reaper06221986(04:03:55 (UTC)):its ok, its not your fault lol, i guess shouldnt have saved up so much so now i guess ill have to masturbate all by my lonesome self
kammy216(04:04:22 (UTC)):awww
kammy216(04:04:28 (UTC)):go get a hooker
reaper06221986(04:04:52 (UTC)):lol, you know that im a virgin and that i want my first time to be rememberable
kammy216(04:05:30 (UTC)):right
reaper06221986(04:06:08 (UTC)):hey i was kinda kameko... if you had lived closer to me would me and you have gotten together at some point?
kammy216(04:06:20 (UTC)):maybe
reaper06221986(04:07:24 (UTC)):yah, i would have actually liked that... and just out of curiosity that if i lived closer would... you wanna be my first?
kammy216(04:07:37 (UTC)):sure
reaper06221986(04:07:50 (UTC)):really?:)
kammy216(04:08:11 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(04:08:35 (UTC))::-*thanks baby, would you want me to wear a condom if that was the case?
kammy216(04:09:12 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(04:09:28 (UTC)):awww... how come?

kammy216(04:09:55 (UTC)):no kids
reaper06221986(04:10:07 (UTC)):lol, well you can take the pill yah know
reaper06221986(04:10:14 (UTC)):or have the birth control shot
reaper06221986(04:10:36 (UTC)):and besides, i dont mind having kids with yah
kammy216(04:11:21 (UTC)):fuck the pill
kammy216(04:11:46 (UTC)):fuck needles
kammy216(04:12:03 (UTC)):already got a kid
reaper06221986(04:12:49 (UTC)):yah i know lol, i was just saying i wouldnt mind giving you my own child... i actually sometimes dream about us talking about having another kid sometimes and for some reason i am pretty happy about that idea
kammy216(04:13:40 (UTC)):eh
kammy216(04:13:45 (UTC)):not ready for 2
reaper06221986(04:14:02 (UTC)):alrighty... but would you make me wear a condom on my first time?
kammy216(04:14:23 (UTC)):hells yes
reaper06221986(04:14:31 (UTC))::(awwww....
kammy216(04:14:47 (UTC)):sorry pissed off at this new phone
kammy216(04:15:05 (UTC)):wont fricken activate for jiminy crickets sake
reaper06221986(04:15:20 (UTC)):lol, i take it your trying to change the topic
kammy216(04:15:52 (UTC)):i dont want your kid or your jizz in me
kammy216(04:15:56 (UTC)):wouldnt feel right
kammy216(04:16:05 (UTC)):no offense
reaper06221986(04:16:17 (UTC)):its ok, do you mind if i ask why though?
kammy216(04:16:39 (UTC)):cause i had a kid by a pretty good guy
reaper06221986(04:16:56 (UTC)):and im not one?
kammy216(04:17:09 (UTC)):your a sexaholic
kammy216(04:17:20 (UTC)):otherwise yes your a good guy
kammy216(04:17:55 (UTC)):but ya know i fell in love got married now he's dead and all i got is a kid who i love tons
reaper06221986(04:18:29 (UTC)):ah ok, so i take it you need time to move on? yah i thought that might be it, i just wanted to make sure if it was that and not something about me
kammy216(04:19:36 (UTC)):yes
reaper06221986(04:20:16 (UTC)):alright, i understand baby, sorry if i sounded like i was trying to push yah, its just that your one of the very few people from the rest of the girls i have stayed in contact with
reaper06221986(04:20:40 (UTC)):all the others have just stopped coming on, stopped contacting me or something else so i suppose i grew too attached to yah
kammy216(04:21:09 (UTC)):kitty is in the hospital

kammy216(04:21:44 (UTC)):jen is somewhere with casey mia and maya are away on vacation
kammy216(04:22:03 (UTC)):jennifer stone is also in hospital
reaper06221986(04:22:21 (UTC)):oh what happened to kitty and stone?
kammy216(04:22:33 (UTC)):brown recluse and copperhead snake
reaper06221986(04:22:47 (UTC)):oh wow, are they going to be alright?
kammy216(04:23:01 (UTC)):at johns hopkins
kammy216(04:23:05 (UTC)):i dunno
reaper06221986(04:23:16 (UTC)):well i hope they become alright
reaper06221986(04:23:51 (UTC)):what about the tottori sisters?
kammy216(04:24:59 (UTC)):their house burned down only god knows what happened to them
reaper06221986(04:25:22 (UTC)):oh wow, how did that happen? do you know at all? is there anyway to get in touch with them?
reaper06221986(04:25:30 (UTC))::-S
kammy216(04:25:33 (UTC)):i dont know the details
kammy216(04:25:38 (UTC)):i dont know
kammy216(04:25:49 (UTC)):i haven't been able to contact them
reaper06221986(04:26:03 (UTC)):who has been out there looking for them? do any of the girls know about this?
kammy216(04:26:45 (UTC)):jessika and sergei and sara are looking for them
reaper06221986(04:26:57 (UTC)):how long have they been missing?
kammy216(04:27:24 (UTC)):48 hours
reaper06221986(04:29:06 (UTC)):oh wow... so this just happened... i hope they are going to be alright:-SS:-S~x(
kammy216(04:29:24 (UTC)):me too
reaper06221986(04:32:23 (UTC)):hey i just contacted aoi, looks like they are at st madlines hospital
kammy216(04:33:50 (UTC)):interesting
kammy216(04:35:05 (UTC)):thats good
kammy216(04:35:10 (UTC)):how are they doong
reaper06221986(04:35:38 (UTC)):nobody seems to be in critical condition, aoi is not harmed and the others are really just in the hospital for burns
kammy216(04:35:56 (UTC)):thats good

reaper06221986(05:57:23 (UTC)):hey whos this?
kammy216(05:58:57 (UTC)):kammy again
reaper06221986(05:59:07 (UTC)):hey kameko whats up?
kammy216(05:59:48 (UTC)):not much
reaper06221986(06:00:24 (UTC)):yah hey where do yah live right now?
kammy216(06:00:35 (UTC)):japan
kammy216(06:00:37 (UTC)):why?
reaper06221986(06:02:03 (UTC)):oh lol, nvm i was going to say that if yah wanted to meet up sometime and spend some time together i was going to come and visit yah
reaper06221986(06:02:13 (UTC)):but since yah live in japan, nvm lol
kammy216(06:02:19 (UTC)):lols
reaper06221986(06:02:41 (UTC)):what?
kammy216(06:02:50 (UTC)):thats ok
kammy216(06:02:56 (UTC)):i moved out the states last year
reaper06221986(06:06:50 (UTC)):yah i know, i was just wondering if yah wanted me to come and visit yah so we can spend some time together and hang out and perhaps we might get to be a bit intimate or would you rather you come to me?

reaper06221986(21:59:10 (UTC)):hey there
reaper06221986(21:59:13 (UTC)):whos this?
kammy216(21:59:34 (UTC)):Kammy
reaper06221986(21:59:47 (UTC)):hey kameko, you doing good?
kammy216(22:00:05 (UTC)):So so
reaper06221986(22:00:17 (UTC)):yah, hey did yah miss me?
kammy216(22:00:30 (UTC)):Yes
reaper06221986(22:00:51 (UTC)):what did yah miss about me?
kammy216(22:01:46 (UTC)):Everything
reaper06221986(22:02:05 (UTC)):thats good to know then, yah know i had a dream about yah last night
kammy216(22:02:39 (UTC)):Really?
reaper06221986(22:02:43 (UTC)):yah
kammy216(22:03:12 (UTC)):Tell?
reaper06221986(22:03:30 (UTC)):lol, well it was one of those sex dreams actually
kammy216(22:04:10 (UTC)):Ah
reaper06221986(22:04:57 (UTC)):yah lol, i actually cam in my sleep so it was probably the best one
kammy216(22:07:13 (UTC)):Niiiicee
reaper06221986(22:08:38 (UTC)):yah lol, i was actually kinda wishing you were there for real, i mean the idea of having you sucking me off, deep throating me as i grab at your tits and pinch your nipples feels nice
kammy216(22:09:36 (UTC)):Nice
reaper06221986(22:14:02 (UTC)):yah having you go up and down, uyp and down, up and down on my dick with it deep in your throat, fitting about 5inches of my 13inch long dick deep in your throat, gagging and having you come up to spit on the tip of my big fat dick as yah rub it
reaper06221986(22:15:36 (UTC)):would yah like that kameko?
kammy216(22:15:54 (UTC)):I guess
reaper06221986(22:17:44 (UTC)):would you prefer that we kiss instead? having me rub your breasts as i press our lips in a very passionate way, pinching your nipples while at the same time you rub my dick up and down and squeeze it, everynow and again having me move to your ear and lick your ear lobe and whisper into your ear, "oooh kameko, i love you sooo much"
reaper06221986(22:19:36 (UTC)):you like that baby?
kammy216(22:21:00 (UTC)):I dont know I suppose
reaper06221986(22:21:19 (UTC)):isnt there anyway i can turn yah on?
kammy216(22:21:33 (UTC)):Idk
reaper06221986(22:22:22 (UTC)):well i am turned on and i do want to do this with yah:(
reaper06221986(22:22:36 (UTC)):i really do want you right now kameko
reaper06221986(22:25:00 (UTC)):kameko, if you were here right now would you wanna make love?

reaper06221986(22:28:45 (UTC)):kameko?
kammy216(22:29:08 (UTC)):Brb sorry
reaper06221986(22:43:06 (UTC)):hey there
kammy216(22:43:28 (UTC)):Back sorry
reaper06221986(22:44:19 (UTC)):its ok, so would you want to
reaper06221986(22:44:20 (UTC)):?
kammy216(22:44:44 (UTC)):Want to?
reaper06221986(22:44:53 (UTC)):make love?
kammy216(22:45:55 (UTC)):I guess
reaper06221986(22:46:04 (UTC)):is everything alright?
kammy216(22:48:11 (UTC)):Yup
reaper06221986(22:48:41 (UTC)):well why did yah say "i guess"?
kammy216(22:49:28 (UTC)):Idk im sad and distracted
reaper06221986(22:49:38 (UTC)):about what?
kammy216(22:50:12 (UTC)):Funeral and what not
reaper06221986(22:50:40 (UTC)):ah ok... im sorry for being so inconsiderate
reaper06221986(22:50:45 (UTC))::(
kammy216(22:50:56 (UTC)):Its alright
reaper06221986(22:52:04 (UTC)):yah, are you going to be alright?
kammy216(22:54:20 (UTC)):I think
reaper06221986(22:54:30 (UTC)):yah, hey i have to go to the store
kammy216(22:55:11 (UTC)):Kk
reaper06221986(22:57:13 (UTC)):i hope everything turns out alright with yah
kammy216(22:58:15 (UTC)):Thanks
reaper06221986(23:01:34 (UTC)):np, im here for yah if yah need to talk

lee18thex(05:39:27 (UTC)):Hi Kay here
reaper06221986(05:39:59 (UTC)):hey kay im in the bathroom be a minute
lee18thex(05:40:34 (UTC)):Ok sure
reaper06221986(05:42:59 (UTC)):ok im back how yah been btw?
lee18thex(05:44:42 (UTC)):So so dealing with bi-polar syndrome
reaper06221986(05:44:55 (UTC)):oh ok, you alright?
lee18thex(05:46:01 (UTC)):Depressed with some chest pain
reaper06221986(05:46:15 (UTC)):not doing well i take it?
reaper06221986(05:47:10 (UTC)):and that is normal, people tend to have chest pains after having a tumor removed... how long has this been going on?
lee18thex(05:47:11 (UTC)):Im ok just could be better
lee18thex(05:48:20 (UTC)):First time I had chest pain
reaper06221986(05:48:42 (UTC)):so has that been happening today?
lee18thex(05:49:24 (UTC)):Yup
reaper06221986(05:49:38 (UTC)):ah ok, well is it severe or just mild?
lee18thex(05:49:54 (UTC)):Pain gone now
reaper06221986(05:50:19 (UTC)):well thats good then, so um, did yah wanna chat about something specific or just whatever?
lee18thex(05:51:06 (UTC)):Dunno just sayin hi haven't been on in abit
reaper06221986(05:51:40 (UTC)):yah id imagine as much, so did yah miss me at all?
lee18thex(05:53:10 (UTC)):Sure did! I even got you a swiss roll but I accidentally ate it
reaper06221986(05:53:28 (UTC)):is that sarcasm? lol
lee18thex(05:54:53 (UTC)):Nope its a recollection of things that happened today
reaper06221986(05:56:30 (UTC)):ah ok, so how have things been with your dad?
lee18thex(05:57:13 (UTC)):Pretty good he stays busy sometimes
reaper06221986(05:58:03 (UTC)):thats good to hear, hey was wondering but have you seen the documentary zeitgeist moving forward?
lee18thex(05:59:57 (UTC)):I don't even know what that is
reaper06221986(06:01:18 (UTC)):
reaper06221986(06:01:28 (UTC)):well there is the film right now, check it out if yah can
lee18thex(06:02:34 (UTC)):I book marked it to watch later
reaper06221986(06:03:14 (UTC)):yah its an amazong documentary, ive watched it like 9 times since its release
lee18thex(06:04:09 (UTC)):Cool
reaper06221986(06:05:07 (UTC)):yah
reaper06221986(06:07:03 (UTC)):although not too sure if your interested in documentaries very much
reaper06221986(06:11:33 (UTC)):are you into that stuff?

reaper06221986(02:15:44 (UTC)):hey kameko you there?
reaper06221986(02:15:48 (UTC)):or is this someone else?
reaper06221986(02:17:13 (UTC)):<ding>
kammy216(02:17:45 (UTC)):hi
kammy216(02:17:49 (UTC)):sorry
kammy216(02:17:50 (UTC)):was afk
kammy216(02:17:54 (UTC)):its me kameko
kammy216(02:17:58 (UTC)):i added you
reaper06221986(02:17:58 (UTC)):its ok, how yah been kameko>?
kammy216(02:18:09 (UTC)):my contacts dissapeared one day
kammy216(02:18:14 (UTC)):idk why or how
kammy216(02:18:19 (UTC)):so accept my add request
reaper06221986(02:18:27 (UTC)):same here lol... and sure i will dont worry
kammy216(02:18:29 (UTC)):ive been fuckin depressed
reaper06221986(02:18:37 (UTC)):are you ok?
kammy216(02:18:41 (UTC)):nope
reaper06221986(02:18:51 (UTC)):anything i can do for yah?
kammy216(02:19:00 (UTC)):nope
reaper06221986(02:19:08 (UTC)):well whats wrong?
kammy216(02:19:11 (UTC)):lemme poor me a glass of milk
reaper06221986(02:19:18 (UTC)):ok
kammy216(02:21:33 (UTC)):back
reaper06221986(02:22:02 (UTC)):so there anything i can do to help get your mind off of whatever it is thats bothering yah
kammy216(02:34:18 (UTC)):idk

reaper06221986(02:40:22 (UTC)):hey sorry i am pretty horny right now
kammy216(02:42:14 (UTC)):masturbate?
reaper06221986(02:42:25 (UTC)):lol, yah thats what im doing now
kammy216(02:42:33 (UTC)):coool
reaper06221986(02:42:48 (UTC)):yah but tbh id rather have you here lol
kammy216(02:42:59 (UTC)):i know right?
reaper06221986(02:43:11 (UTC)):lol, is that something you want as well?
kammy216(02:43:37 (UTC)):i would but i'm not hornt
kammy216(02:43:40 (UTC)):horny*
reaper06221986(02:44:04 (UTC)):ah ok lol, maybe if yah helped me yah probably would huh?
kammy216(02:44:25 (UTC)):i'd help but i dont wanna do anything
kammy216(02:44:34 (UTC)):i'd prolly just give you a handjob
reaper06221986(02:44:48 (UTC)):what about a bj?
kammy216(02:45:02 (UTC)):how bout a handjob?
reaper06221986(02:45:26 (UTC)):lol, i see and is there anyway i can get you in the mood?
reaper06221986(02:47:01 (UTC)):what happens if i am still hard after i cum?
kammy216(02:48:39 (UTC)):tough luck i suppose
reaper06221986(02:49:31 (UTC)):you know, right now if i could i would probably start licking your pussy and clit you know that?
kammy216(02:50:29 (UTC)):really?
kammy216(02:50:33 (UTC)):what if i didnt want that?
reaper06221986(02:51:06 (UTC)):then i wouldnt do it lol
reaper06221986(02:52:46 (UTC)):but yah if you wanted me to continue id probably stick two fingers inside yah and start to play with your clit with my tongue and even sucking on it too
reaper06221986(02:55:43 (UTC)):still there?
kammy216(02:57:22 (UTC)):mhm
reaper06221986(02:57:30 (UTC)):what yah doing?
kammy216(02:57:40 (UTC)):playing around on wow
reaper06221986(02:57:54 (UTC)):oh ok cool then lol, got another account then? is it a cataclysm one?
kammy216(02:58:15 (UTC)):yes and yes
reaper06221986(02:58:42 (UTC)):cool then, think i can play it till my old republic game comes out? its coming out on the holidays
kammy216(02:59:06 (UTC)):idk if i can trust you with my password no offense

reaper06221986(02:59:39 (UTC)):lol, oh come now you know that the others were able too and i was able to level their professions and characters up higher and get them some good gear
reaper06221986(03:00:03 (UTC)):besides, need a game to keep me occupied
kammy216(03:01:25 (UTC)):cool cool sure sure but it's not under my email account
kammy216(03:02:05 (UTC)):the account name is and the password is just don't say anything i'd have to appologise for to my friends
kammy216(03:03:27 (UTC)):could you also work on pvp too
kammy216(03:03:29 (UTC)):please?
reaper06221986(03:05:38 (UTC)):sure thing
reaper06221986(03:05:40 (UTC)):brb
kammy216(03:06:32 (UTC)):i got a good start on pvp if you look at it
reaper06221986(03:06:52 (UTC)):i will dont worry lol
kammy216(03:07:17 (UTC))::)
kammy216(03:07:18 (UTC)):thanks

reaper06221986(04:24:07 (UTC)):hey how come i cant log onto the account?
kammy216(04:24:26 (UTC)):why can't you? idk why
kammy216(04:24:34 (UTC)):need the password and stuff again?
reaper06221986(04:24:49 (UTC)):no i got it, it keeps saying "unable to validate game version"
kammy216(04:26:31 (UTC)):weird
kammy216(04:26:40 (UTC)):did you download the game?
kammy216(04:26:44 (UTC)):and the new patch?
reaper06221986(04:31:04 (UTC)):yah i did
kammy216(04:31:35 (UTC)):weird
kammy216(04:31:50 (UTC)):it should let you on as long as you know the screename and password
kammy216(04:33:51 (UTC)):idk whats wrong
kammy216(04:43:19 (UTC)):is it working?
reaper06221986(04:43:51 (UTC)):nope
kammy216(04:43:55 (UTC)):damn
kammy216(04:44:00 (UTC)):it logs me on with no problem
reaper06221986(04:44:04 (UTC)):weird
kammy216(04:44:07 (UTC)):very
reaper06221986(04:44:35 (UTC)):well ill just uninstall it and then reinstall it using the game disks i downloaded from demonoid then
reaper06221986(04:44:40 (UTC)):maybe that might help
kammy216(04:45:09 (UTC)):that might just work
kammy216(04:45:16 (UTC)):i downloaded the game from the website
kammy216(04:45:18 (UTC)):no joke

reaper06221986(00:07:06 (UTC)):hey there whos this?
kammy216(00:07:19 (UTC)):K
kammy216(00:07:23 (UTC)):mmy
kammy216(00:07:25 (UTC)):Ka
kammy216(00:07:28 (UTC)):Mmt
kammy216(00:07:38 (UTC)):Kammy curse this keyboard
reaper06221986(00:07:53 (UTC)):nice to hear lol, so kameko how yah been btw? you know im really horny right now lol
kammy216(00:08:12 (UTC)):Eh
reaper06221986(00:08:48 (UTC)):yah, kinda wish you were here right now

kammy216(05:44:20 (UTC)):Howdy
reaper06221986(05:44:30 (UTC)):hey whos this?
kammy216(05:45:21 (UTC)):Is me sara stone
reaper06221986(05:45:42 (UTC)):hey sara, long time no see, ive missed you
reaper06221986(05:45:47 (UTC)):anything new going on?
reaper06221986(05:45:53 (UTC)):still single?
kammy216(05:46:06 (UTC)):Yeah got out of hospital
kammy216(05:46:09 (UTC)):Yea
reaper06221986(05:46:18 (UTC)):how come you were in the hospital?
kammy216(05:46:47 (UTC)):Bit by poison spider
reaper06221986(05:46:56 (UTC)):oh wow, are you alright?
kammy216(05:47:11 (UTC)):I am now
reaper06221986(05:47:27 (UTC)):thats good then, hey btw i heard you had your dick removed, was that true?
kammy216(05:50:36 (UTC)):Hey sorry got dc
reaper06221986(05:50:51 (UTC)):its ok, hey i heard you had dick removed, was that true?
kammy216(05:51:17 (UTC)):Yup sure was
reaper06221986(05:51:24 (UTC)):how come?
kammy216(05:51:57 (UTC)):Didn't want to be a circus freak anymore
reaper06221986(05:52:28 (UTC)):sara, you know your not a freak, i mean you are beautiful and you were just as beautiful as an hermaphrodite
reaper06221986(05:52:44 (UTC)):you know that right? or did it have something to do with me?
kammy216(05:53:29 (UTC)):Lol april fools day I still got the dick silly :p
reaper06221986(05:53:47 (UTC)):its not april though...
kammy216(05:54:15 (UTC)):Celebrating early in case world go boom
reaper06221986(05:54:29 (UTC)):you talking about the satellite?
kammy216(05:54:44 (UTC)):Yup
reaper06221986(05:55:01 (UTC)):its doubtful it will kill anyone, i mean the government has most like tracked where its going to hit and evacuated people out of the area ahead of time
kammy216(05:55:52 (UTC)):Interesting
reaper06221986(05:56:13 (UTC)):yah... so you didnt have your dick removed then?
kammy216(05:56:32 (UTC)):Nope
reaper06221986(05:56:50 (UTC)):thats good then lol, so how come your still single btw?

kammy216(05:57:38 (UTC)):No guy likes a chick with a dick unless they gay
reaper06221986(05:57:58 (UTC)):lol, so are you saying im gay?
kammy216(05:58:28 (UTC)):Idk are you?
reaper06221986(05:58:48 (UTC)):no lol... im not and i like you regardless of whether or not you have one
kammy216(05:59:50 (UTC)):Good
reaper06221986(06:00:17 (UTC)):lol, why do you ask anyways? i mean you know im not
kammy216(06:01:29 (UTC)):Cause that's how it is irl

kammy216(07:46:03 (UTC)):Hullo
reaper06221986(07:46:10 (UTC)):hey there, whos this?
reaper06221986(07:47:23 (UTC)):hello?
kammy216(07:47:25 (UTC)):Jessika kitty contact me
kammy216(07:47:45 (UTC)):Zis is jessika
reaper06221986(07:48:06 (UTC)):oh hey jessika, i take it you got the word about the doctor that might be able to cure your fathers heart cancer?
kammy216(07:48:50 (UTC)):Yeah also heard that sergei can help too
reaper06221986(07:49:14 (UTC)):yah... so which one are you probably gonna try then?
kammy216(07:49:43 (UTC)):Sergei since we know him and he's a good friend of my dad
reaper06221986(07:50:04 (UTC)):true... well in case he cant you have a fallback option
kammy216(07:50:07 (UTC)):Vich is much vunderbar
kammy216(07:50:21 (UTC)):Yup
kammy216(07:50:24 (UTC)):I do
reaper06221986(07:50:26 (UTC)):lol... btw ive missed you a lot
reaper06221986(07:50:34 (UTC)):can yah chat for a bit?>
kammy216(07:50:35 (UTC)):You ave?
kammy216(07:50:53 (UTC)):Sure I don't see vhy not
reaper06221986(07:51:04 (UTC)):well yah lol... i mean dont you remember? i had a big crush on you for a while remember?
kammy216(07:51:17 (UTC)):Kinda
reaper06221986(07:52:39 (UTC)):lol, so did you ever have a crush on me at all?
kammy216(07:53:03 (UTC)):Kinda
reaper06221986(07:53:19 (UTC)):do you still have one on me?
kammy216(07:53:29 (UTC)):Kinda
reaper06221986(07:53:39 (UTC)):lol, what do you mean by kinda?
reaper06221986(07:54:16 (UTC)):not too sure if im the same man you still have feelings for?
kammy216(07:55:11 (UTC)):Yup
reaper06221986(07:55:40 (UTC)):well i am more or less the same when you met me, just a bit more mature is all
kammy216(07:57:04 (UTC)):And ya weren't mature before?
reaper06221986(07:57:33 (UTC)):lol... i never said i wasnt mature, i just said i am more mature
kammy216(07:57:49 (UTC)):Lol

reaper06221986(07:58:44 (UTC)):but yah... so what brough about this crush if yah dont mind me asking?
kammy216(07:59:09 (UTC)):Hn/
kammy216(07:59:14 (UTC)):?:
reaper06221986(07:59:30 (UTC)):lol... i mean why do you have a crush on me?
kammy216(08:00:46 (UTC)):Why not? :p
reaper06221986(08:01:17 (UTC)):not what i meant, i mean what was it about me that attracts yah to me?
reaper06221986(08:01:25 (UTC)):or rather is it lol
kammy216(08:02:11 (UTC)):Dunno just think your cute and nice
reaper06221986(08:03:11 (UTC)):lol... and i like you even though you are an hermaphrodite
kammy216(08:04:05 (UTC)):Vhy? Is it because I ave a dick
reaper06221986(08:04:30 (UTC)):lol... not what i meant, i was just adding onto what you said
reaper06221986(08:04:51 (UTC)):i mean the fact that i am not turned away from you being an hermaphrodite is also something that counts huh?
kammy216(08:04:52 (UTC)):Ah
kammy216(08:05:04 (UTC)):Yup
reaper06221986(08:05:30 (UTC)):just wondering but... do you have any sexual fantasies you have in mind for me?
kammy216(08:05:55 (UTC)):Um no not that I can think of
reaper06221986(08:06:26 (UTC)):ah ok lol... i was hoping that you didnt want something like having me suck you off and cum in my mouth or something
kammy216(08:06:49 (UTC)):Lol
reaper06221986(08:07:25 (UTC)):yah, i met another hermaphrodite that wanted to do that and i was like, "ok, your hot, and i would definately fuck you... but i am NOT doing that"
kammy216(08:07:47 (UTC)):Who?
reaper06221986(08:08:38 (UTC)):her name was Myra Olein...
reaper06221986(08:09:22 (UTC)):i mean ill probably jerk you off as i am fucking your pussy, maybe even do it till you cum and then rub your cum covered dick lol... but i am not sucking it and tasting cum
kammy216(08:10:19 (UTC)):Good
kammy216(08:10:31 (UTC)):Didn't want ya too
reaper06221986(08:10:43 (UTC)):thats good then lol...
reaper06221986(08:10:57 (UTC)):btw do you still like anal sex? because i remember that you loved anal sex
kammy216(08:12:13 (UTC)):Nope sorry
reaper06221986(08:12:30 (UTC)):oh... what changed with that?
kammy216(08:12:54 (UTC)):Two words anal rippage
reaper06221986(08:13:09 (UTC)):oh wow... how did that happen?

kammy216(08:13:19 (UTC)):Long story
reaper06221986(08:13:26 (UTC)):lol, i have the time
kammy216(08:13:33 (UTC)):For another day and time
kammy216(08:13:42 (UTC)):Too bad zen
reaper06221986(08:13:47 (UTC)):ok then sure thing, so got any questions for me?
kammy216(08:14:02 (UTC)):Lol idk what's new?
reaper06221986(08:14:56 (UTC)):lol, been more involved in the zeitgeist movement, been engaging more in the field of economics and also went down to la to attend a media festival down there
kammy216(08:16:29 (UTC)):Nice
reaper06221986(08:21:03 (UTC)):hey btw do you still play mmos? if so you might wanna get a hold off the new star wars one thats coming out soon
kammy216(08:22:46 (UTC)):Don't think I tried an mmo
kammy216(08:22:47 (UTC)):If so I don't remember
reaper06221986(08:24:03 (UTC)):damn lol, i was going to give you the site and tell yah to check it out

reaper06221986(05:23:52 (UTC)):hey there
reaper06221986(05:23:57 (UTC)):whos this?
kammy216(05:26:49 (UTC)):Hi ur face
reaper06221986(05:27:00 (UTC)):hey whats up
reaper06221986(05:27:09 (UTC)):lol, so whos this?
kammy216(05:28:31 (UTC)):Kammy
reaper06221986(05:28:44 (UTC)):hey kameko, how have yah been doing?
kammy216(05:29:01 (UTC)):Quite well
reaper06221986(05:30:10 (UTC)):thats good to hear, whats been new with yah?
kammy216(05:30:22 (UTC)):I'm fat
reaper06221986(05:31:13 (UTC)):what? why would you say that?
kammy216(05:31:53 (UTC)):I eat a lot and barely exercise
reaper06221986(05:32:48 (UTC)):lol, that doesnt mean much really.... and besides how much do you weigh vs. how you look?
kammy216(05:33:07 (UTC)):148lbs
reaper06221986(05:33:39 (UTC)):lol, thats not fat... besides can i get a pic of yah?
kammy216(05:34:06 (UTC)):No
reaper06221986(05:34:36 (UTC)):why not?
kammy216(05:34:57 (UTC)):Cause I said so brb
reaper06221986(05:35:30 (UTC)):well, i doubt your fat but i cant really say anything on it until i can see you, maybe you can go on webcam for me for just a few
kammy216(05:38:37 (UTC)):Back n I Don't have a webcam
reaper06221986(05:38:53 (UTC)):i see lol, well if thats not the case why not just give a pic?
reaper06221986(05:38:58 (UTC)):me a pic*
kammy216(05:39:15 (UTC)):Nope cant do that either
reaper06221986(05:39:39 (UTC)):how come?
reaper06221986(05:39:43 (UTC)):cant or wont?
kammy216(05:39:56 (UTC)):I wont
kammy216(05:40:02 (UTC)):Long story
reaper06221986(05:40:22 (UTC)):oh ok... well i have the time and if it makes you feel better im here for you
kammy216(05:43:23 (UTC)):Cool
reaper06221986(05:43:59 (UTC)):so whats wrong exactly?

kammy216(05:44:18 (UTC)):What do ya mean?
reaper06221986(05:46:07 (UTC)):well, you said that their is a long story on why you wont give me a pic and i do wanna know about the reason
kammy216(05:46:28 (UTC)):I'm fat n ugly
reaper06221986(05:47:40 (UTC)):lol, your not fat and your not ugly and like i said, you can give me a pic so know what you look like... and besides, i think your just getting depressed over the death of your husband and kinda projecting your deepest fears of being alone and this is the result i would imagine
kammy216(05:48:30 (UTC)):You liar you only want me For sex you don't care what I look like
reaper06221986(05:50:02 (UTC)):lol, yes i do care what you look like and no i just dont want you for sex and besides listen to what your saying, i mean your saying i just want you for sex and then your saying i dont care what you look like... if i just wanted you for sex of course that would be one of the number one issues here but i care more about your self esteem than anything else
reaper06221986(05:50:16 (UTC)):that and i haven't seen what you look like in a long while and forgot so...
kammy216(05:51:37 (UTC)):I'm Asian with dark hair and big tits what else do ya want?
reaper06221986(05:52:44 (UTC)):lol, i want to see a pic and besides, most woman who keep saying they are fat and make a big deal out of it tend to be drop dead gorgeous lol

kammy216(06:19:38 (UTC)):Hey kay here
reaper06221986(06:20:38 (UTC)):hey kay, been busy with the occupy sacramento protests the past three days
kammy216(06:21:01 (UTC)):Huh?
kammy216(06:21:06 (UTC)):What's that?
reaper06221986(06:21:28 (UTC)):its a series of protests emerging all over the world and over the united states
kammy216(06:21:44 (UTC)):About?
reaper06221986(06:23:04 (UTC)):its about the control of the financial oligarchs and the people harmed and hurt by them and the people there definately want some kind of change really
reaper06221986(06:23:49 (UTC)):everyone seems to want to change the fundamentals of the system but not too sure with what
kammy216(06:24:04 (UTC)):Ah, obama is doing alright just that congress needs to coaperatr
reaper06221986(06:25:20 (UTC)):actually obama is a corporate scum who works for the financial oligarchs of this country
kammy216(06:25:42 (UTC)):Hm
kammy216(06:29:41 (UTC)):Didn't know that seemed like he wanted to help america and stuff
reaper06221986(06:31:53 (UTC)):no, he puts that on as a facade to get elected
reaper06221986(06:32:12 (UTC)):the majority of major political positions do that
kammy216(06:32:22 (UTC)):So no good guys around trying to help?
reaper06221986(06:32:42 (UTC)):they are, but they are being ignored or supressed
kammy216(06:33:09 (UTC)):Right I was in wall street with my dad
reaper06221986(06:33:58 (UTC)):did you see the massive protest there?
kammy216(06:34:18 (UTC)):Yes we are a part of it
reaper06221986(06:35:42 (UTC)):thats good then
kammy216(06:36:22 (UTC)):Mhm my dad hates wall street I don't understand what's goin on but I support my dad

kammy216(18:09:43 (UTC)):Ohayo
reaper06221986(18:10:53 (UTC)):hey, whos this?
kammy216(18:11:29 (UTC)):I'm kay
reaper06221986(18:11:57 (UTC)):hey kay, just got some upgrades for my computer in memory
kammy216(18:12:53 (UTC)):Cool

lee18thex(07:10:51 (UTC)):Hull
lee18thex(07:10:54 (UTC)):O
lee18thex(07:10:57 (UTC)):Hello
reaper06221986(07:12:31 (UTC)):hey whos this?
lee18thex(07:12:47 (UTC)):Jessika
reaper06221986(07:14:52 (UTC)):hey jessika how yah doing?
lee18thex(07:15:50 (UTC)):Ok you?
reaper06221986(07:16:21 (UTC)):doing ok, just been heavily involved here in activism with the occupy sacramento protest
lee18thex(07:16:38 (UTC)):Sweet how's it goin?
reaper06221986(07:17:26 (UTC)):its going pretty good, the city is currently arresting people trying to protest at the park at night by having a sit in
lee18thex(07:18:54 (UTC)):Intresting sucks that they are sending people to jail
reaper06221986(07:29:03 (UTC)):yah, their has been no resistance and cause of this stuff their has been more publicity of it and due to it they are not holding people indefinately
lee18thex(07:31:29 (UTC)):Still sucks id hate to get arrested
reaper06221986(07:31:42 (UTC)):yah i know... i would imagine that
lee18thex(07:32:20 (UTC)):Has it happened to you?
reaper06221986(07:44:52 (UTC)):no it has not

reaper06221986(06:13:17 (UTC)):hey there, whos this?
kammy216(06:13:36 (UTC)):Hiya
kammy216(06:13:40 (UTC)):Kammy
reaper06221986(06:14:00 (UTC)):hey kameko.... how have yah been doing?
kammy216(06:14:26 (UTC)):Good you?
reaper06221986(06:14:37 (UTC)):doing good, just really horny right now
kammy216(06:15:10 (UTC)):Nice
reaper06221986(06:15:57 (UTC)):yah, kinda wish you were here right now to relieve me... maybe have you go up and down on my big fat long dick, having it push against your womb as i have you rub your clit while yah moan my name
kammy216(06:16:20 (UTC)):I'm good no thanks
reaper06221986(06:17:15 (UTC)):i was wondering but if you were here right now would you wanna have sex?
kammy216(06:17:47 (UTC)):Nope not now
reaper06221986(06:18:11 (UTC)):i take it that your busy right now and cant do it?
kammy216(06:18:39 (UTC)):No, I already had sex today
reaper06221986(06:18:50 (UTC)):oh with whom?
kammy216(06:19:04 (UTC)):Amber
reaper06221986(06:19:19 (UTC)):oh, i dont think ive met amber lol, how was she?
kammy216(06:19:32 (UTC)):Yes you have
kammy216(06:19:42 (UTC)):She was great
reaper06221986(06:19:52 (UTC)):oh, it must have been awhile ago then... lol, is she there now?
kammy216(06:20:22 (UTC)):Yeah sleeping I wore her out aftwr
kammy216(06:20:30 (UTC)):She made me cum lol
reaper06221986(06:20:54 (UTC)):nice, how long did yah two have sex?
kammy216(06:21:34 (UTC)):Um its 2:21 now so id say 4 hours or so
reaper06221986(06:22:36 (UTC)):nice wish i was there
reaper06221986(06:24:10 (UTC)):but then again i bet ud rather have me to yourself huh?
reaper06221986(06:25:28 (UTC)):still there?

kammy216(06:25:42 (UTC)):Hi?
reaper06221986(06:25:56 (UTC)):hey there, whos this?
kammy216(06:26:08 (UTC)):Kammy
reaper06221986(06:26:25 (UTC)):hey kameko lol, have sex with amber again?
kammy216(06:26:47 (UTC)):No why
reaper06221986(06:27:03 (UTC)):oh just wondering is all lol...
reaper06221986(06:28:46 (UTC)):that and i am kinda horny but eh lol, i know your not into cybering so i wont bother yah with that
reaper06221986(06:28:50 (UTC)):how was your day?
kammy216(06:28:59 (UTC)):Good and yours/
reaper06221986(06:29:12 (UTC)):same here, just been horny all day lol
reaper06221986(06:30:04 (UTC)):i've cum like five times today and i am still horny
reaper06221986(06:30:41 (UTC)):lol, no comment?
reaper06221986(06:31:30 (UTC)):busy?
kammy216(06:31:57 (UTC)):No sorry having issues
reaper06221986(06:32:12 (UTC)):oh what kind of issues are yah having?
reaper06221986(06:33:32 (UTC)):kameko?
kammy216(06:34:07 (UTC)):This thing won't stop freezing on me
reaper06221986(06:34:26 (UTC)):oh ok lol, did yah try reinstalling it?
kammy216(06:34:28 (UTC)):Damn laptop
kammy216(06:34:43 (UTC)):Not messenger my computer itself
reaper06221986(06:34:59 (UTC)):ah ok lol, well that sure sucks then
kammy216(06:35:46 (UTC)):Yes sorry I seem unresponsive
reaper06221986(06:36:50 (UTC)):its not your fault lol... but anyways yah, so anyways my day has been good, just been horny all day, ended up cumming like 5 times today and im still horny lol
kammy216(06:37:04 (UTC)):Nice
reaper06221986(06:37:19 (UTC)):yah, kinda wish you were here to help me with that though
reaper06221986(06:39:08 (UTC)):would you have sex with me all day if i was like this?
kammy216(06:39:49 (UTC)):No I have my limitations
reaper06221986(06:40:16 (UTC)):lol, but would you try to help satisfy me?
kammy216(06:40:35 (UTC)):I could try
reaper06221986(06:41:09 (UTC)):glad to hear that lol, would i have to use a condom?

reaper06221986(06:43:11 (UTC)):or would that be a no?
kammy216(06:43:59 (UTC)):Up to you entirely
reaper06221986(06:44:32 (UTC)):well id rather not use a condom, id also like to cum inside your pussy
kammy216(06:44:46 (UTC)):Ok
reaper06221986(06:45:10 (UTC)):how many times would you like me to cum in your pussy?
reaper06221986(06:46:29 (UTC)):because i wanna cum inside your pussy maybe 4 times or more
kammy216(06:47:07 (UTC)):How bout once? And we call it a night
kammy216(06:47:21 (UTC)):I need a cigarette
reaper06221986(06:47:22 (UTC)):sorry... i guess im getting you annoyed
kammy216(06:47:45 (UTC)):Nah just I have limitations dawg
reaper06221986(06:48:20 (UTC)):ah ok, so how long do you think we might be able to have sex?
kammy216(06:48:31 (UTC)):<ding>
kammy216(06:48:48 (UTC)):Idk sorry bout the buzz
reaper06221986(06:49:10 (UTC)):its ok, well id like it to be at least an hour, would that be ok?
reaper06221986(06:52:04 (UTC)):hey kameko, think you can send me a pic of yah?
kammy216(06:52:57 (UTC)):I can last for 5 hours and I cant
reaper06221986(06:53:45 (UTC)):oh nice then lol, i think ill be able to cum inside you for like 7 times before then
reaper06221986(06:54:12 (UTC)):would you like that?
kammy216(06:57:11 (UTC)):I don't see why not
reaper06221986(06:57:30 (UTC)):nice then, i take it you will be on birth control?
kammy216(06:57:44 (UTC)):Yes
reaper06221986(06:58:14 (UTC)):well... mind if i ask, what if i didnt want you to be on birth control?
kammy216(06:58:43 (UTC)):Tough shit then I already got one kid
reaper06221986(06:59:16 (UTC)):lol, i was only kidding, i knew you weren't gonna go for that
reaper06221986(06:59:49 (UTC)):but yah, so um... hey i was wondering but when do you think we could meet up?
kammy216(07:00:53 (UTC)):I'm not sure sorry hon
reaper06221986(07:01:05 (UTC)):how come?
kammy216(07:01:07 (UTC)):And lol I kno
kammy216(07:01:27 (UTC)):I just idk
reaper06221986(07:01:57 (UTC)):i get the feeling that there is something you dont wanna tell me cause i might get upset

reaper06221986(07:04:23 (UTC)):kameko?
kammy216(07:04:25 (UTC)):I live in Hawaii with my relatives and my son so idk
reaper06221986(07:05:03 (UTC)):oh ok, so it will be awhile before you think you can come and visit then? well, how long would you be able to stay because you can stay at my place if you need to
kammy216(07:05:22 (UTC)):I'm kinda limited on cash and I don't have a job yet
reaper06221986(07:05:42 (UTC)):ah ok... well would you prefer if i came to visit you then?
kammy216(07:05:57 (UTC)):Yeah unfortunately and id love to if I ever got the cash to leave the island for abit
kammy216(07:06:19 (UTC)):Id rather come to you
reaper06221986(07:06:35 (UTC)):and why would you rather come to me?
kammy216(07:07:06 (UTC)):Just the way I roll
reaper06221986(07:07:28 (UTC)):lol, is it because that way youd have some alone time with me?
kammy216(07:08:56 (UTC)):Mhm and my relatives really hate white people
reaper06221986(07:09:13 (UTC)):wow... sounds pretty racist
kammy216(07:09:18 (UTC)):Don't ask me why
kammy216(07:09:30 (UTC)):It is
reaper06221986(07:09:48 (UTC)):lol, i wont, so um... if you came to my place what would you wanna do first?
kammy216(07:12:09 (UTC)):Hang out watch movies make out have dinner or something then sex then sleep then treat me to breakfast
reaper06221986(07:12:44 (UTC)):lol, yah id imagine, and sure we can do all that, how long would you wanna stay?
kammy216(07:14:27 (UTC)):How bout a week?
reaper06221986(07:14:54 (UTC)):that would be fine, i wouldnt mind if you wanted to stay longer, like two weeks or a month
kammy216(07:15:33 (UTC)):Can't I got a son
reaper06221986(07:15:48 (UTC)):i know, im just saying if you wanted to stay longer you could
kammy216(07:15:57 (UTC)):I know
reaper06221986(07:16:45 (UTC)):tbh though if we did have sex it might be at night when we go to bed because then wed be having it for a long time
reaper06221986(07:17:04 (UTC)):like maybe the full 5 hours lol
kammy216(07:17:14 (UTC)):Lol that's fine
reaper06221986(07:17:40 (UTC)):yah, are you very loud btw?
kammy216(07:18:51 (UTC)):I can be why
reaper06221986(07:19:10 (UTC)):just wondering cause id like it if you were

reaper06221986(21:32:57 (UTC)):hey whos this?
kammy216(21:33:35 (UTC)):Kam
reaper06221986(21:33:45 (UTC)):hey kameko how yah doing?
kammy216(21:35:15 (UTC)):I'm good thanks you
reaper06221986(21:35:29 (UTC)):thats good to hear, so what yah been up to today?
kammy216(21:36:10 (UTC)):Nothing really
reaper06221986(21:36:32 (UTC)):ah ok, well i just woke up from a nap right now
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Agent MattPosted: Oct 23, 2011 - 22:06

Genuine American Monster

Level: 70
CS Original
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Caramel ColorPosted: Oct 23, 2011 - 23:01

hey sailor

Level: 1
CS Original
I can just imagine how it could have been. Her, seductively wagging her tongue over her corn kernel teeth and between the dried up turd lips coated in Revlon's Ravish Me Red lipstick, picked especially for this evening. Him, freshly shaved, his acne weeping from the experience and wearing his very best skull shirt lovingly purchased at JC Penny sprayed with a generous coating of Drakkar Noir.

"Wanna go back to recliner?" Gently, he pushes his mouse and keyboard to the floor. "Don't mind that stain," he coos, "I spilled some Diet Coke."
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The Burger KingPosted: Oct 23, 2011 - 23:28

I can't stop posting pictures of poop, what the fuck is wrong with me?

Level: 5
CS Original
reaper06221986(22:14:02 (UTC)):yah having you go up and down, uyp and down, up and down on my dick with it deep in your throat, fitting about 5inches of my 13inch long dick deep in your throat, gagging and having you come up to spit on the tip of my big fat dick as yah rub it
reaper06221986(22:15:36 (UTC)):would yah like that kameko?
kammy216(22:15:54 (UTC)):I guess
reaper06221986(22:17:44 (UTC)):would you prefer that we kiss instead? having me rub your breasts as i press our lips in a very passionate way, pinching your nipples while at the same time you rub my dick up and down and squeeze it, everynow and again having me move to your ear and lick your ear lobe and whisper into your ear, "oooh kameko, i love you sooo much"

HAHAHAHAHA, She doesn't sound to excited about it. I wonder if Chelevsarah would still stand by his argument that people are conditioned to like boobs after reading what Voice of Reason said.
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LorexLucienPosted: Oct 23, 2011 - 23:40

Level: 0
estradamaria23(03:51:23 (UTC)):noo
reaper06221986(03:52:09 (UTC)):never tried it?
estradamaria23(03:52:42 (UTC)):noo never will
reaper06221986(03:52:54 (UTC)):oh how come?
reaper06221986(03:54:55 (UTC)):hey do you like giving blowjobs?
estradamaria23(03:55:11 (UTC)):I HJAVEN T DONE ORAL
reaper06221986(03:55:23 (UTC)):would you like to try it?>
reaper06221986(03:56:04 (UTC)):would you like to try oral sex? maybe have the guy cum in your mouth?
estradamaria23(03:56:14 (UTC)):IVE DONE IT
estradamaria23(03:56:22 (UTC)):BT ITS BEN AWHILE
reaper06221986(03:56:32 (UTC)):ah ok lol, do you like it though?
estradamaria23(03:56:55 (UTC)):yea i do
reaper06221986(03:57:05 (UTC)):nice, how about when the guy cums in your mouth?
estradamaria23(04:01:12 (UTC)):idk
reaper06221986(04:05:45 (UTC)):so i was wondering, would you wanna have sex that often? like three times a day?
estradamaria23(04:06:15 (UTC)):tht too much
reaper06221986(04:06:59 (UTC)):lol, how about two times a day then?
estradamaria23(04:07:18 (UTC)):idkk
reaper06221986(04:07:53 (UTC)):so what would happen if i cam inside yah?
estradamaria23(04:08:58 (UTC)):u knw the answer
reaper06221986(04:09:36 (UTC)):lol, well i meant would you keep the baby or adop it out or would you have the baby aborted?
estradamaria23(04:10:55 (UTC)):i dnt killl
estradamaria23(04:10:59 (UTC)):or adopt
reaper06221986(04:11:12 (UTC)):so you would keep the child then?
reaper06221986(04:11:22 (UTC)):would you move in with me if that happened?
estradamaria23(04:12:02 (UTC)):im nt havn sex woith no one right now sorry
reaper06221986(04:12:23 (UTC)):lol, well no im just kinda curious about your decisions is all if you were to get pregnent
reaper06221986(04:13:45 (UTC)):so what would you do if i were to get you pregnent? move in with me?
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