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Forum - People heard "Explosions" on 9/11... so what?

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EdPosted: Jan 13, 2011 - 08:27

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I made this video due to certain truthers on the JREF recently arguing people heard explosions (again).

Its pretty simple and I should have made the quotes more out of context before I reveal where they are from, but I think it still makes the point. I'm posting here for future reference in case that argument starts up again.

Also, here is another post from TruthersLie on the JREF which shows "explosions" were also heard in the Caracas tower fire.

Sorry for the computer voice! But my other videos had no voice and requires more concentration of viewers because they have to read all the text and I have no good microphone.

If anyone has anymore quotes of people talking about "explosions" etc in the same way as I am referring to here NOT involving 911 or when they clarify they did not mean bomb, please post it.

No doubt most truthers still won't get it.

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