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Forum - A zany UFO person I have come across

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anticultistPosted: Jan 01, 2011 - 08:30

Brainwashing you for money

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This guy I have come across believes that aliens are going to bring communism to earth, he believes all communist or socialist leaders on earth are aliens/alien hybrids, he thinks all technology that is good for earth was invented by aliens [not the bad stuff] and given to the people who invented it. In this guys mind nothing good is done by human beings only aliens do good stuff, and of course he's an alien from the alien moon base so he is a good guy, plus various other whack stuff:

The question posed on a thread by a person was:

I was just curious to know if anyone has traveled into space with their visiting friends? I figure if they keep coming back to check up on a person then it could be a chance they would take you on an intergalactic ride. Then from what I've read on this site, some memories are locked away. So I guess it would be hard to answer this question huh?

Well if anyone can recall anything even if they're not to sure of it will be cool with me.

Thanks in advance for sharing and informing.

The reply from the person I discussed above was:

I have many memories of being in space from seeing Luna Base clear to being in orbit of Earth 2 (humans will find it before 2020-they just wont know the full extent of its habitat under the cover of clouds)

from what I gather and what I've been told they erase most memories of contactees journey to space to avoid problems like becoming "space sick" (a condition where a person could make themselves sick from wanting to go back so badly) amongst other things

now why was I allowed to remember seeing such things as I have well guess you could say its on a need to know basis and guess I need to know...

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